Lorde's Nose Not Photoshopped, Says Fashion Magazine Editor: Is It Camera Angles and Lighting?

Glossy's editor-in-chief shoots down 17-year-old's claim of having been given "new nose"

By Rebecca Macatee Apr 17, 2014 9:00 PMTags
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Looks like Lorde has nothing to stick her (actual) nose up at after all!

The 17-year-old "Royals" singer was "pretty sure" her Fashion magazine spread had been Photoshopped to give her "a new nose," but according to the glossy, this is not what happened!

"I can assure you, FASHION Magazine did not give Lorde a new nose," Fashion magazine Editor-in-Chief Bernadette Morra said in a statement Thursday. "Sometimes lighting or camera angles can give the impression that things look smaller, larger or different than they really are."

Indeed, anyone to ever post a selfie on Instagram to attest to that. To be fair, though, Lorde's real appearance has been glazed over by photo retouchers before.

Earlier this month, the Grammy winner tweeted a split-screen shot two photo versions of herself: The top image showed her face-on with a smooth, seemingly flawless complexion, while the bottom was a raw profile shot showing her actual face, pimples and all.

"i find this curious," she mused about the different pics. "remember flaws are ok :-)"