The Scandal writers' room is a place of MANY secrets, but series creator Shonda Rhimes is opening the doors for SundanceTV's The Writers' Room and revealing all sorts of secrets to host Jim Rash.

In the exclusive clip above, Rhimes, Kerry Washington and the Scandal writers breakdown all the story pitches they got for Quinn (Katie Lowes) at the start of season two.

The mystery of Quinn wasn't just a mystery to viewers. Rhimes sent an email to her Scandal writing staff between seasons one and two for pitches. "I sort of said, ‘If anybody knows who Quinn Perkins is, that would be awesome to hear your pitches because we had no idea when we left season one who Quinn Perkins was."

The Writers' Room

JC Dhien/SundanceTV

Seriously, they had no idea. But that doesn't mean some pretty crazy ideas weren't pitched. "They were all insane," Rhimes said. They involved her speaking Russian, being the daughter of not one, but possibly THREE different characters.

"I had heard that those were all things that were being played around with. I mean, geez, these people are so brilliant," Lowes told E! News. "They would've made anything amazing because they're all geniuses!"

One of the pitches was to have Quinn be Cyrus' daughter. "I've known Jeff Perry since I was 19, he was one of my acting teachers…so to me, that would've been just so sweet and such a serendipitous gift of awesomeness," she said. "But I'm really glad that it is what it was because I got to be wrapped up in the whole election rigging and I got to do scenes in an orange jumpsuit. I was thrilled about it."

And the clincher: "For a hot minute she was the Lindbergh baby," Rhimes confirmed.

Yes, the Lindbergh baby.

The Writers' Room premieres Friday, April 18 at 9 p.m. on SundanceTV.

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