Andrew Garfield, Justin Bieber

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Andrew Garfield only recently became a household name. But the 30-year-old actor is totally OK with that.

In fact, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 star admits that, had fame come any earlier for him, it might not have been such a good thing.

"If I had had these opportunities when I was younger, I would have been Justin Bieber," Garfield tells Time Out London. "If you are a 16-year-old kid and you can do whatever the f--k you want, you're making trillions of dollars and you have a leopard-print Ferrari, it's not healthy."

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone

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He adds, "If I was going through what I'm going through now when I was 16, I might have ended up in jail."

Thankfully, Garfield is not behind bars. Instead, he's been keeping busy promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in cities like London and Paris with co-star and girlfriend Emma Stone.

As for Bieber, a source close to the pop star told E! News exclusively on Wednesday that the singer is "ready to make some changes in his life."

"The bad influences in his life, for the most part are being weeded out," the source said about Bieber's inner circle. "He's making more of an effort to hang out with people who are positive influences in his life."

The source acknowledged that Bieber has been "out of balance recently," but insisted he's a "good kid."

"He has started listening to the people around him and he knows it is not too late to change things," the source said, adding, "He's being more selective with his friends. He wants people around him that will help him and guide him and keep him on the right path."

While Bieber is being told that he can enjoy himself and have fun because he's "young and rich," the "Boyfriend" crooner is making a concerted effort to be responsible and to "look after himself."

"There has been a real maturing recently," the source said. "This whole process has been a growing period for him and he has finally woken up to realize what he needs to do to get back on track and be the Justin Bieber he used to be. He's ready to change and be a better person before it's too late."

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