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DC Comics fans were definitely in for a pleasant surprise in Arrow's April 16 outing as the show set the stage for the debut of a classic baddie, while Survivor's 28th season continued its campaign for the title of most shocking season ever. Plus, a new frontrunner emerged on American Idol's Top 7 performance show. Warning, spoilers for Wednesday night's TV ahead!

Arrow: Why hello there, Ravager! The CW drama finally introduced the DC Comics baddie in tonight's episode and guess who it was? Isabel Rochev! We learned that she had an affair with Oliver's father back when she was an intern and has held a grudge over him choosing his family over her, hence why she is out for revenge and teaming up with Slade Wilson. After she was shot in the chest by Diggle (Way harsh, bro!), Slade uses the Mirakuru and his blood to bring Isabel back to life, crazy strength included!

"Now that she's got the evil juice, as I call it, she's going to be Ravager. It's amazing," EP Andrew Kreisberg told So yes, this means we finally get to see Summer Glau kick some ass.

American Idol: Remember at the beginning of the season when everyone thought the guys were much stronger than the girls this season? While this may still be true, Jena Irene emerged as a new frontrunner during the Top 7 show, thanks to her outstanding rendition of "Creep" by Radiohead, which earned a standing ovation from Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez (Harry Connick Jr. doesn't do standing ovations, thank you very much!). No one else even came close to Jena tonight, though Caleb Johnson ("Family Tree") and Alex Preston ("The A Team") continued their respective streaks of solid performances.

But Jena wasn't the only girl to steal the spotlight on Wednesday as former X Factor judge Demi Lovato acted as a fourth judge, providing honest feedback and giving us a sneaking suspicion that Idol may want to return to the four-judge format next season...

Survivor, Season 28 Cast

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Survivor: Cagayan: And the unpredictable tribal councils continue! LJ found himself ousted from the competition after he was betrayed by former alliance member Tony, who managed to get Woo and Spencer to turn on LJ. Still, pulling off a backstabbery that massive will not earn Tony any favors, nor is his growing paranoia, which looks like it will officially take over in next week's episode. Tony may be playing  the game a little too hard at this point, but hey, at least he's keeping it interesting!

The Americans: RIP Lucia! In a shocking scene, Elizabeth stands by and does nothing as Larrick chocks the life out of Lucia. Turns out, the young protege's need for revenge on the people who killed her father wasn't gelling with Elizabeth's Martial Eagle mission. (P.S. Rejoice, The Americans was renewed for a third season by FX!)

The 100: Ah, the Grounders are back! For the first time, one of our kids is in the clutches of the mysterious people who survived the nuclear blast (Jasper was knocked out the entire time he was with them, remember?). The unlucky member of The 100 who found herself face-to-face with a Grounder after hitting her head and passing out? Octavia!

What did you watch on Wednesday night? Sound off in the comments!

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