Are Pitbull and Kesha to music what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are to politics?

Um, no, not at all, but Pitbull and Kesha's song "Timber" was covered (kinda) by the world leaders! Thanks to some very clever video editing done by YouTube user baracksdubs, the president and potential 2016 contender speak/sing a buttoned-up version of the chart-topping hit.

And while Kesha and Pitbull have yet to speak publicly about the possibility of former Secretary of State Clinton running for president, their fellow artist Pharrell Williams is confident Hillary will be moving in to the White House.

VIDEO: LOL, watch Brian Williams rap (kinda) "Rapper's Delight"

"Let me tell you why Hillary's going to win," he told GQ magazine. "Everywhere you go in this country, you have red and blue. You got the Democrats; you got the Republicans. You got the Bloods; you got the Crips. You know what else is red and blue? Blood. Blood is blue in your body until air hits it, and then it turns red. That means there's unity. So when you think about a night where there's late-night talk-show hosts and it's mostly women, that's a different world. Right? A world where 75 percent of the prime ministers and the presidents were women: that's a different world."

He added, "That's gonna happen, and it's gonna happen when Hillary wins. Because you know what? No matter how staunch of a supporter you are of no-abortion, whatever you are: you're a woman, and there's no way in the world you're going to vote for somebody that's going to try to tell you what to do with your body. Hillary's gonna win. Listen, I'm reaching out to her right now. She's gonna win."

If Pharrell's right on this one, maybe Clinton and Obama can "sing" a cover of "Happy"!

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