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The Voice finally wrapped up their pre-taped rounds and now it's time to welcome the top 12 contestants to next week's live shows. Meanwhile, Glee gave fans one of the most awkward sex-themed episodes in TV history, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. embraced the dark side, and New Girl filled us in on where Nick and Jess stand post-break up. All that and more in tonight's OMG TV Moments! 

The Voice: Ladies and gentleman, boy and girls! After what has seemed liked an eternity we can finally reveal the top 12 singer of The Voice's sixth season. In tonight's episode it was Usher's turn to make the cuts and he sent home Stevie Jo and Melissa Jiminez. But don't be sad, music lovers because the 12 finalist of The Voice are pretty damn phenomenal this season. Say congratulations to…

Team Adam: Delvin Choice, Christina Grimmie, Kat Perkins
Team Shakira: Tess Boyer, Kristen Merlin, Dani Moz
Team Blake: Sisaundra Lewis, Audra McLaughlin, Jake Worthington
Team Usher: Bria Kelly, Josh Kaufman, TJ Wilkins

New Girl: Welp, it's official, folks—Nick and Jess are officially over. The morning after their break-up, we witnessed the most uncomfortably awkward scene in New Girl's history. Seriously is there was an award for the most realistically cringe-worthy moment of awkwardness, that scene would definitely win it. After spending the entire episode trying to prove that they were "OK" with the break-up, Nick (who was high on anti-anxiety medicine) and Jess (who was drunk out of her mind) finally admitted that they are so not OK.

Jess ended the episode with the exact same post-breakup ritual we were introduced to in the pilot: she was alone on the couch and bawling her eyes out while watching Dirty Dancing over and over again. Nick, from the other room, called Jess to check in on her and even sweetly tossed her some tissues when she ran out. It was a touching scene, but honestly we've just got to say it: Why on earth are they still living together?!


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Glee: Seriously?! What on earth are we going to do with you, Glee? Tonight's episode was an awkward sex-filled mess, and the only good thing this episode brought was a sweet Finchel flashback when Rachel was recalling her first time with Finn to Mercedes. Here's the sitch (and yes that was a Kim Possible reference): Artie has apparently turned into a sex-crazed, condom-hating man who will sleep with any bimbo that walks down the hall. His karma punishment for being a player? Chalmydia. Ew.

Meanwhile, Blaine has been scarfing down as much fatty foods as possible, watching porn, and secretly sabotaging his fiancé's newfound hotness out of jealousy. Once again Klaine had a super rocky episode and we're starting to seriously doubt that the writers are going to keep these too together. As for Samcedes, Sam set up a romantic room full of candles to tell Mercedes that he's willing to wait to have sex for as long as she wants. Awww!

The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling, Max Greenfield

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The Mindy Project: What do you do when your heart is broken and you want to move on? Think like a Peter! The always-hilarious Peter took control of Mindy's love-life this week and pushed her to hit on the hottest guy in the bar. So who was this mystery man? None other than New Girl's Max Greenfield! Although Lee seemed like a sweet guy at first, by the end of the episode he was such a douchebag that he made Schmidt look like a freakin' angel.

Not only did Lee sneak out of Mindy's apartment after their one-night stand, we also discovered that he's a cheating creep who is also married! Tool, party of one?! We know that Mindy will be OK, because well, duh she's Mindy and she's the best. In other news, Danny convinced Tamra to break off things with Morgan because "office relationships never work." Hmm, projecting much, Dr. Castellano? By the end of the episode, Danny called up Sally and invited her over to his place for a little late night TV sesh.  

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Agents of SHIELD

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: After last week's shocking episode, Ward continued to be a two-timing secret agent working as Garrett's right-hand man at Hydra and his first act was to free Raina and welcome her to the dark side. We hate to admit it, but we kind of really like watching this new twist in Ward's character—he's much less boring now. Since S.H.I.EL.D is officially over, Skye and Coulson decided that the team needs to have their identities erased and their former badges destroyed in order to become ghosts, to become "Agents of Nothing". Eerie

Agent Koenig, played by the always-hilarious Patton Oswalt, informed the team that Fury set up a secret base in case an event like this were to happen. He also assured the team that Nick Fury is indeed dead (Noo!) Until, of course, he took Coulson aside and let him know the secret twist: Fury is alive! (Yaaay!) Together, Ward and Garrett invaded The Fridge and pretty much undid everything the agents accomplished this season by releasing all the previous villains and acquiring all the weapons confiscated—including the Gravitonium!

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The Originals

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The Originals: All hell broke loose in the Big Easy in tonight's episode. Genevieve tried to postpone her return to the afterlife by scheming to steal Esther's spell book from Klaus' place—and naturally she failed. However now the witchy ancestors have a new plan: Genevieve will be allowed to live as long as the witches succeed in murdering Klaus' child. Yikes! Elijah killed Marcel's right-hand man, Thierry, and that was the final straw for our former leader of the French Quarter. "I will take back our city, even if I have to burn it down first," he promised with a scary yet sexy snarl.

Supernatural: Did you really think that Lucifer killed Gabriel for good way back in season five? Well, guess again! Gabriel revealed that he is actually alive to Castiel and explained that he has been hiding out in Heaven until the Fall. Now he has finally decided to become a leader and fight back against Metatron. Did all of that seem too good to be true? Well it was, and it was a mean trick for Supernatural to play on us.

Cas discovered that he was tied up and Metatron has been writing a story. He wants Cas to lead an army of angels against him because every good story needs a hero and a villain. (But of course, Metatron thinks he's the hero and wants Cas to be the villain.) He used Gabriel because our beloved angel had a gift for getting people to accept their destined roles. By the end of the episode, Cas set off to find a stairway to heaven and summoned other angels to help him defeat Metatron.

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