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Hope you're hungry 'cause we're surprising you with scoop in bed!

We're kicking off your morning  right with some spoilers on your favorite shows in today's Spoiler Chat, including which fan favorite duo will be sharing some adorable scenes (in bed) on Grey's Anatomy, as well as a romance update for everyone's favorite sidekick, Orphan Black's Felix! Plus, we're spilling secrets on the finales of Community, The Mindy Project and Reign!

Greg A.: The Blacklist is the best new show this season! I'm hooked. What's going down in the last episodes?
Break out the tissues because a major death go down before the finale. The person most impacted by the death? Ressler. Can't this guy catch a break?!

Sabrina: Any Grey's scoop?
Three words: Calzona. In. Bed. Want more? Check back with us a bit later for an exclusive sneak peek at Thursday's episode!

Matt: I'll take anything you've got on The Originals!
While season one has yet to wrap, we've managed to get our hands on some season two scoop: a new character coming to stir up trouble in the French Quarter! Fans will meet Kaleb, a paranormal psychologist, who (surprise, surprise!) is not a fan of the Mikaelson family.

Alicia: Keep it coming with all these Orphan Black spoilers please.
Confession: We're obsessed with Felix. He's snarky, hilarious and blunt, but most importantly, he's always there for our girls in the Clone Club. However, we think it's about time that Felix gets a little lovin', and so does his off-screen counterpart, Jordan Gavaris! The Orphan Black actor teased that fans will be pleased with Felix's new beau. "There is a particular connection this season that I think they'll find interesting and satisfying and it's the right thing for the characters," he spilled. "It may not be what he expects but he certainly deserves it." Better start shouting our your guesses!


Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Kassy: Obsessed with The Mindy Project! I am in desperate need of finale spoilers!
So many looks, so little time! Expect to see Mindy rock 19 different outfits in the finale. Why, you may ask? "The finale, we have lots of different scenes and it has to be this perfect ideal romantic world that's going to be juxtaposed with the real world, so we needed lots of different costumes and looks for her," Ike Barinholtz explains. (Fingers crossed her trip to the Empire State Building to meet Danny is in the real world!)

Huck: Come on, give Community some Spoiler Chat love!
Here are five awesome finale teases: 1. A massive "Sh!" battle. 2. This gem: "What does this look like? An hour-long episode of The Office?!" 3. Major Goonies vibes. 4. A sweet Jeff and Annie moment (and major jealousy on Annie's behalf after hearing of his plans to marry Britta).  5. A super meta-reference to the show's possible season six pickup.

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