Airplane Firsts


We know that we say every viral video is our favorite viral video. But it's this one. And after you watch it, you'll know why. Vodafone and want "to help people do things for the first time." These women have never flown before.

This is An. She's almost 72 and is terrified of flying.

"You wouldn't get me in one of those for any amount of money. I'll just take the bus."

To prepare for the trip, An used a flight simulator...

This is Ria. She's 78 and she isn't scared of anything.

"If you don't know what it is," she says. "There's no reason to be scared."

Ria rides roller coasters...

...and takes selfies.

In short, Ria is THE BEST.

The two met for the very first time at the airport, before their trip together to Barcelona.

They were adorable at the airport...

And adorable when they boarded the plane...

And double adorable when the plane took off...

Obviously, Ria enjoyed the flight like the queen that she is.

And An seemed to be OK too. She told her husband it was "very fun."

And spoiler alert: They became best friends and our hearts exploded with happiness!

Watch the whole video, it's well worth your time:

Just don't tell these gals what flying commercial is like. That's the real nightmare.

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