It's Howard Stern like you never heard him before he switched to satellite.

Sirius Satellite Radio announced Thursday that it would broadcast a Labor Day Weekend marathon of the shock jock's classic material, culled from more than 23,000 hours and spanning two decades of his radio show.

The satellite broadcast will mark the first time that Stern's terrestrial radio shtick airs unedited, with every F-bomb, stripper contest and what-have-you left intact.

The material is being selected based on fans' requests for their favorite moments from the radio show, and is slated to include uncut interviews with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump, Paul McCartney and Sylvester Stallone, among others, according to Sirius.

Fans itching to get their ears on a specific Stern stunt are encouraged to submit requests online through and Phone lines are open through Monday.

Stern's greatest hits weekend was made possible only after Sirius shelled out $2 million to CBS Radio, in May, to regain control of Stern's master recordings as part of a settlement between the shock jock and his ex-employer.

CBS claimed ownership of the recordings in the $200 million breach of contract suit it filed against its former star talent in February, in which it also accused Stern of using its airwaves to promote the competition.

With the self-proclaimed King of All Media back in command of his material, Sirius is free to go ahead and air the selfsame material that racked up record fines against Stern when it was broadcast on earthbound radio. Except this time around, there's no censorship and no fear of retribution from the FCC.

In other words, bring on the indecency.

The marathon kicks off Friday at 3 p.m. ET and runs through Monday at
12 a.m. ET.

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