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Dare we say Skrillex is the king of EDM?

The Grammy-winning DJ-producer, famed for his dubstep and electro beats has collaborated with artists of all different genres, including Ellie Goulding, Chance the Rapper and A$AP Rocky on their wildly successful "Wild for the Night."

After releasing his first solo EP, My Name is Skrillex, in 2010, the music artist went on to rack up six Grammys, including Best Dance/Electronica Album in 2012 for Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites and again in 2013 for Bangarang.  

And he's just getting started.

Among his other musical accomplishments, Skrillex is set to take the stage again at Coachella Saturday.

Check out the five things to know about Skrillex!

Skrillex, Grammys

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1. His stage name doesn't have a special meaning: His real name is Sonny John Moore and Skrillex wasn't his first moniker. Skrillex previously used the stage name "Twipz" before making the switch, choosing a nickname he was called when he was younger.  "It has nothing to do with scrilla," Skrillex told Beatport.com about his name. "To be honest, I was completely unaware of that term when I made the name up. It's just been a social network handle I've used for years. Throughout my teen years my friends would call me Skrillex or Skril or Skrilly. Just became a stupid nickname that came out of the social online networking handles. Really means nothing."

2. Grammy Awards aren't the only thing he has in common with Beyoncé: Similar to the superstar singer, Skrillex surprised fans with the release of his Recess album in March, which has 11 tracks and collaborations with Diplo, Kill the Noise, K-Pop stars G-Dragon and CL, Niki & the Dove, Chance the Rapper and more.

"I love collaborating," he told Rolling Stone in 2013. "If anything, I want to do that more further down in my career. I'm 25 now and I'm excited to try a lot of new things and work with a lot of new people. It's always fun – you discover more things about yourself when you work with other people, and your limits, your boundaries grow. For me, everything happens naturally. I'm a big fan of discovering new talent as well."

Skrillex, Las Vegas

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3. He started out as a lead singer in a band: Before launching a solo career as Skrillex, he was known as Sonny Moore—the lead singer of punk band From First to Last, which he joined in 2004. The bandmates recorded two albums together, Dear Diary and My Teen Angst Has a Body Count, before he left the group in 2007 to work on his solo project. He also suffered from vocal chord problems while singing with the band. His vocals still sometimes pop up on his tracks, but he has since said, "singing is not my passion."

4. He is Ellie Goulding's Ex: The duo split back in 2012 after dating for a year, but that hasn't stopped them from making beautiful music together. They released their latest song, "Because" in February, after debuting their first song together "Summit" in 2011.

5. "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" is his biggest hit: Released on his second EP of the same name in 2010, the song has racked up over 160 million views on YouTube to date and is his most commercially successful single thus far. It was certified double platinum in 2013 and also won the Grammy for "Best Dance Recording" in 2012.

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