Monday's Muse: Prince George

Our current style inspiration

By Emily Popp Apr 14, 2014 9:37 PMTags
Monday Muse, Prince GeorgeGetty Images

Here at The Fabulist, we like to find style inspiration in everything.

And while, yes, there are the obvious sources of style inspiration (fashion shows, Paris, Kate Middleton), there are also the not-so-obvious ones. And those can be the most fun.

So, we're pleased to introduce our Monday Muse feature, where we celebrate our "muse," aka our current source of style inspiration. Our very first muse is a young, on-trend tastemaker with some serious sartorial sense.

And when we say young, we mean he hasn't celebrated his first birthday yet.

Prince George has undoubtedly had a major impact on the 18-months and under fashion crowd. From sailboat coveralls to kangaroo backpacks, the royal baby isn't afraid to buck trends and take risks.

There have even been times when we've seen a photo of him, sighed and thought…we wish that came in our size. So, in honor of all things Prince George we've come up with our favorite George-inspired pieces.

A lot of these trends actually work for full-grown fashionistas. Bear with us here! Ever since we saw Prince George wear that personalized "George" sweater, we've been coveting one of our own. So we've gone and found an awesome customized sweater (complete with bedazzled letters) from Bow & Drape.

And while we wouldn't wear a kangaroo backpack, we'd definitely sport a chic leather rucksack from Madewell. George loves a peter pan collar, and that's actually a super on-trend look, so we found a perfect one from J.Crew Factory.

And sure, we'd never show up to a party in a baby onesie, but we would wear a pair of amazing leather coverall shorts from Rag & Bone.

So go on and take a cue from Prince George, and steal his style!


Clockwise from center: Bow & Drape Personalized Sweatshirt (pricing varies); Juicy Couture Crown Stud Earrings, $32; Alex Woo Silver Kangaroo Necklace, $168; Madewell Leather Rucksack, $248; Dolce by Mojo Moxy T-Strap Flats, $40; J.Crew Factory Peter Pan Collar Top, $39; Rag & Bone Leather Short Coveralls, $595