Aaron Paul, Kellan Lutz, Photo Bomb


So a meth maker and a vampire headed to Coachella....

Actually, it was Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and Twilight alum Kellan Lutz (who are, obviously, quite different IRL than the oft-troubled characters they once played onscreen) who visited the music festival this past weekend. At first glance, Aaron and Kellan fit right in with the crowd, but the fun-loving guys couldn't miss a chance to photobomb an unsuspecting couple's selfie!

Initially, the Coachella twosome only noticed Aaron giving a double thumbs-up in the background of their shot. Naturally, they posted the picture to Reddit, writing, "We got photobombed by Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman from breaking bad) at Coachella [Friday]."  An eagle-eyed commenter quickly pointed out that Kellan was grinning in the background of the couple's selfie as well. Good work there, fellas!

Jessica Alba, Johnny Knoxville, Photobomb

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Another Jackass (star) by the name of Johnny Knoxville had some fun with photobombing over the weekend, too. The professional prankster's unsuspecting victim? Jessica Alba, who appeared to have no idea what was happening behind her at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

You can't feel too, too bad for her on that one. After all, she still looks supercute in the shot. Plus, when you mispronounce Zac Efron's last name, a harmless Jackass photobomb seems pretty fair in terms of karmic retribution.

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