Yeah, this happened.

Typically, when a celeb gets a tad too chatty during an acceptance speech, a bit of boring orchestra music will play, signaling the star to wrap it up, but host Conan O'Brien had a different solution in store at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday...and it's safe to say his idea was anything but PG rated.

The 50-year-old comedian opted to spice things up with a NSFW "shut up" weapon—namely, a "d--k pic" which he would send to the teleprompter if any star's speech became too long-winded.

Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan

BEImages/Matt Baron

And unfortunately for Channing Tatum, the new dad was simply too overcome with emotion when took the stage to accept the Trailblazer Award and ended up rambling on a bit too long for O'Brien's liking.

(Or perhaps O'Brien was simply trying to capitalize on the opportunity to audition for Magic Mike 2?)

The X-rated snap, which featured the funnyman wearing his suit coat and tie sans pants, was blurred out for the audience, but apparently Jenna Dewan's mister was privy to the image of Conan's penis.

And apparently, the pic did the trick as Chan immediately stopped his speech and hurried back to his seat (unfortunately, there was no reaction show from his wife).

"When I think about what's gotten me from there to here, it really has to do with you guys," an emotional Tatum said as he addressed the audience while holding his popcorn trophy (head to the 4:29 mark to watch his priceless reaction). "And I thank you so much, for everything. The d--k pic, really? I'm getting the d--k pic, guys. I got the d--k pic. I gotta go. I love you guys!"

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