Zac Efron, Rita Ora, MTV Movie Awards

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How did we come up with five jaw-droppers from the MTV Movie Awards? Well, it wasn't easy, but thanks to Zac Efron, it was possible.

Let's face it—last night's awards show was unfortunately a little underwhelming (sorry, but it's the truth!) with hardly any incidents that made our jaws drop. However that doesn't mean the entire two-hour telecast flew by without at least a few memorable moments that perhaps even made us hoot and holler at the TV screen (we're talking about you, Efron).

But along with the hunky star's blessed bod, there was Jessica Alba screwing up his name, Conan O'Brien breaking records and more!

So let's check out the five biggest jaw-droppers from the 2014 MTV Movie Awards...

Conan O'Brien, MTV Movie Awards

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1. Conan's Cameos: Talk about an entrance! Along with emerging from a 5,000 pound flaming bucket of popcorn, the awards host gave a monologue to remember.

Conan broke the world record for the most celebrity cameos in a show open. He masterfully film-bombed 50 of the biggest names in pop culture including Taylor Swift, Sir Anthony Hopkins, the cast of The Big Bang Theory, Adam Sandler, Katy Perry, Andy Samberg, Jack White, Ashton Kutcher, Martin Scorsese, Demi Moore, Emma Watson, Russell Crowe, Paul Rudd, Jessica Alba, Lupita Nyong'o and Skrillex (to name a few).

Mila Kunis, MTV Movie Awards

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2. Mila Represents for the Ladies: Along with making the second official appearance with her baby bump (aw!), Kutcher's leading lady represented for the females by not only being the only woman nominated for Best Villain, but by beating everyone else in the category. Get it, girl!

Jessica Alba, Rita Ora

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3. Jessica Alba Has a John Travolta Moment: Sigh. We almost thought our ears were playing tricks on us, but no, this really happened. When presenting the Best Shirtless Performance award to Zac Efron, Alba pronounced his last name "Eee-fron." It was no "Adele Dazeem," but still worthy of a shout-out.

Jessica Alba, Zac Efron, Rita Ora, MTV Movie Awards

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4. Zac Efron Shows Off the Goods: However, no one cared about how Alba said his name once Zac took the stage. Aside from his boyish grin and slight shyness for winning such an award, the blue-eyed hunk made everyone swoon when his shirt was viciously ripped off of his bod by Rita Ora, revealing his sculpted muscle and drool-worthy physique. Thanks Rita, you've done us all a great service.

Zac Efron, MTV Movie Awards

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5. The Kiss Envied Across the World: After flaunting his pacs and pecs, Zac returned to the stage to join his Neighbors co-stars Dave Franco and Seth Rogen to present the award for Best Kiss. The trio teased that actual kissing would happen on that stage, which instantly made us wonder if the three actors were going to give each other a quick peck for the fans. What?! You thought it, too!

Anyway, that didn't happen. Instead, three "fans" (we're convinced these ladies were chosen pre-show) got a golden ticket under their seat with one of the stars' names on it. Whoever they got, they got to kiss!

Point of the story: We wish we were this girl in yellow, who was very smart and took advantage of her smooch with Efron by giving him a steamy lip-lock he probably didn't even expect.

Can you blame her?!

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