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WARNING: We're about to recap all of the booze-fueled drama from Mad Men's seventh and final season premiere. If you do not want to know what Don Draper has been up to, please leave this conference room now. For everyone else, pour a glass of your favorite drink and have a seat.

Welcome back to the wild and crazy world of Sterling, Cooper and Partners.

Mad Men returned Sunday night for their seventh, (and final!) season premiere, and although we're sad that this marks the beginning of the end, we're thrilled to find out what our favorite AMC characters have been up to.

Tonight's hour mainly focused on the mental and physical whereabouts of Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and his once upon a protégée Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss). Read on to find out what happened to these two in Mad Men's highly anticipated premiere… 

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Don: It's been two months since we last saw Mr. Draper and when we first reunited with our protagonist, he was in the middle of a reunion of his own. Apparently, Megan was still hell-bent on moving her career out to the bright lights of Hollywood, so she rented a house in the valley, and is living in sunny California all by her lonesome.

That's right, Don and Megan are now in the middle of a bi-costal marriage, and to make things even more awkward, Don has still has not told her that he is currently on an indefinite break from the firm. So how has Don been spending his time while on his paid hiatus? He has been working with freelancer Freddy Rumsen and anonymously spoon-feeding Freddy with all of his best ideas. 

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While out in Los Angeles, Don popped into SJ&P's west coast office to see how NYC-native Pete is enjoying life after his cross-country move. In short, Pete has been loving everything about California—except for the bagels.

On the flight back to his NYC life, Don was seated next to a beautiful stranger and they spent the entire flight cuddling and bonding. When the woman made an offhand comment about what Megan would think of their canoodling, Don bluntly admitted, "She knows I'm a terrible husband." Harsh. But in a surprising twist, Don refused the woman's advances! Is Don now a faithful husband?

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Peggy: Since Don's departure, Peggy has been absolutely miserable in both her work life, as well as her personal life. Don's replacement at SJ&P, Lou, is even more stubborn than his predecessor. However, unlike Don, who consistently pushed Peggy to bring out the best in her, Lou couldn't care less about Peggy's ideas, opinions or future in the advertisement world. "I guess I'm immune to your charms," Lou smugly told her.

It has been months since Ted announced that he was going to take the job in California in order to "save his marriage," so when Peggy ran into him for the first time since he broke her heart, the tension in the room was stifling. To make matters worse, as a landlord Peggy is also being smothered by all of the demands from her building's obnoxious tenants the insta-second she gets home from work.

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When we last saw Peggy in tonight's premiere, she fell to her knees and burst into tears. This is definitely the lowest low that we've ever seen Peggy in—and yes, we're including the time she was pregnant with Pete's secret love child. (Remember that?!)

The only good news is that Stan is still there as Peggy's best friend to pick her up whenever she's feeling down. Does any one else wish that sparks would fly between those two? It sure would be nice to see Peggy finally in a happy and healthy relationship.

Now it's your turn! What did you think of tonight's Mad Men premiere? Do you think that Don and Megan will be able to survive their bi-costal marriage? Sound off in the comments below!

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