Lily Allen

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Lily Allen is known to be candid and outspoken, but she's going to tone it down just a little.

The U.K. singer, who re-launched her music career at the end of 2013 after taking time off to raise her two young children, 2-year-old Ethel and 15-month-old Marnie, revealed during an interview with The Sun that she's going to take out a certain part of her performance while she's on stage to please her hubby Sam Cooper.

"He's told me to tone it down now I'm a mum. On my last tour, when I sang 'Not Fair,' I used to act out fellatio using my microphone," she explained. "Recently I have been rehearsing for this new tour and Sam said, ‘You're not doing that thing again are you?' I said not if he didn't want me to. And he said no as he didn't think it's good for the kids.'"

But it's not just what she does on stage that may be an issue with the kids, it's also what she says. Allen's songs are known to be a bit provocative—but she's fully aware of that.

"They listen to my songs now but obviously they don't really understand them," she said. "It was really funny last week because I took them to sound check before my gig. I was there with one of the dancers and my eldest was screaming—she just wanted to be held.

"But I had to practice my routines. So there I was, twerking with my eldest in my arms and I was like, ‘This is really weird'. All the roadies are like, ‘Niiiice'."

Lily added, "But I have tried to tone down my language. I would never use the C word in front of my children. I wouldn't mind them swearing in my house, when they're older. The only thing that I have with swearing is that I wouldn't want them to pick it up, say it front of their friends and their parents, who then say, ‘I don't want your kids hanging around with my kids'."

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