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Philip Seymour Hoffman's final acting part was playing the Head Gamemaker in The Hunger Games films, but his last leading role was that of the head of a secret anti-terrorist team in A Most Wanted Man.

The trailer for the thriller, based on John le Carré's spy novel of the same name, was released Friday and shows the late Oscar winner in all his intensity. In the clip, Hoffman's character thinks he's hot on the trail of a particularly dangerous individual and enlists others' help in his quest. Rachel McAdams plays a human rights attorney in the film, and Hoffman's character is hoping she'll work for him as a spy.

Other key players in A Most Wanted Man include Robin Wright and William Dafoe, both of whom seem uncertain of the greater plan. When the world of espionage clearly gets murky, Hoffman's character is asked to define the long-term objective of his actions. He replies earnestly, "To make the world a safer place."

A Most Wanted Man opens in theaters July 25.

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