Coachella 2013, Atmosphere

Melissa Hebeler

The first Coachella weekend has arrived, and if you haven't left yet (you're already behind!) or you're going next weekend, then please allow us to let you in on a very important secret:

You won't be able to be a part of a drum circle at Coachella.

Why? Because drums are on the list of stuff you are not allowed to bring to the music and arts festival. Yes, there's a whole list of items that you're not supposed to take with you, so you definitely want to peruse it before packing. But on the plus side, there's tons of fun stuff you are allowed to bring to Coachella, and don't worry, ironic headbands are on that list.

Here are some of the things you can't bring, according to the official Coachella guidelines:

Instruments: The Coachella website singles out drums, and they use three exclamation points. They are serious about not bringing in drums, so don't do it!
Chains/Chain Wallets: Please leave chain wallets back in the '90s. Not only are they not allowed at Coachella, but they aren't allowed in this decade.
Explosives: Talking about fireworks, folks.
Blankets: Don't worry, there is almost certainly someone selling homemade, hand-knit afghans.
Bota Bags: We're so unhip we had to Google what the hell a Bota Bag was.
Tents: Wait, don't the majority of people stay in tents?
Flags: You'll have to show your 'Merican pride in another way.
Stuffed Animals: If you've never left the house without your stuffed rabbit, now is the time to break free.
Laser Pointers: Don't be that guy. Also there will be enough lasers during the shows to last you a lifetime.
Sharpies: What are you, an animal?! Leave that s--t at home!

And here are some of the things that you can bring to Coachella:

Hats: We're sure that includes the headbands we talked about earlier.
Lighters: Be cool and use lighters to show your support during the performances. Don't use cell phones. It's not the same. And a lighter app on your iPhone is definitely not the same.
Sunblock: Because it's hotter than hell there. Bring a truckload.
Dancing Shoes: Non-dancing shoes are allowed, but not encouraged.
Fanny Packs: Because those are cool again. Or were they never not cool?
Cell Phones: So you can Instagram 28 pictures of the Ferris wheel and your bare feet in the grass.

More information about the rules are at the Coachella website, so study up before you leave! 

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