John Cena Admits to Nikki Bella That He Is Seeing Another Woman—See the Explosive Total Divas Recap!

By Kamala Kirk Apr 14, 2014 2:01 AMTags
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The stakes are high on this week's episode of Total Divas: John Cena's suspicious behavior has girlfriend Nikki Bella questioning if he's having an affair and Nattie may need surgery that could affect her career as a WWE Diva!

In case you missed it or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

During a meal with some of the other Divas, Nattie suddenly develops a nosebleed! Ever since Summer Rae slapped her, Nattie's nose has felt a bit strange but she's held off on seeing the doctor. Looks like she's going to have to bite the bullet now.

There is some good news for Nattie though: the WWE informs her that she's been selected to wrestle for the Divas Championship at TLC. This is her big chance to potentially become the ultimate Divas Champion!

Nikki, who recently passed her real estate license test, is in love with the beach condo that she's trying to sell. She meets with her first clients and, despite being nervous, feels that she really aced it!

Trinity is busy rehearsing for her upcoming music video that will feature her single "Dance All Night,"and her fiance Jon Uso will be dancing in it as well!

Trinity thinks the routine still needs some work but there's one problem: the shoot is scheduled for the very next day. Can she pull it off in time?

John has come to visit Nikki in San Diego and the two share a cute kiss. Aww!

After heading to the rooftop to enjoy the sunset, John's phone rings and he immediately gets up to take the call in another room. Nikki is surprised because John has never done that before. When he returns, John explains that it was a business call. But Nikki isn't so convinced...

That night, Trinity stops by the seamstress's house to check on the progress of the bodysuit for her music video. To her dismay, the suit is only half done and she needs it finished ASAP!

Looks like Trinity has no choice but to finish the task herself...

Back at home, Nikki models several work outfits for John, but he's super distracted on his computer. In hopes of getting his attention, Nikki goes and puts on a sexier outfit.

This is John's reaction...

There are only a few hours left before the music video shoot and Trinity is still working on her bodysuit.

This task isn't as easy as she had imagined it to be...

Nattie and her husband TJ go to the doctor's office so that she can get x-rays done on her nose. After looking over her results, the doctor has some bad news: Nattie is going to need invasive surgery to correct her nose and it will take six months to fully heal.

Nattie freaks out because she has the upcoming Divas Championship fight. Will she skip the fight and opt for surgery? Or hold off on getting the surgery until after the fight? She has a lot of thinking to do before making a decision.

Before leaving, Nattie has one last thing to say.

Trinity is on the set of her music video shoot and the energy is pumping!

She looks like a pro in front of the camera...

But then this happens...

After a quick wardrobe change, she's back in front of the camera and working it.

Until this happens...

Trinity is embarassed about her wardrobe malfunction along with her hair mishap. The director pulls her aside and expresses his concerns that they're behind in schedule and still have a lot left to shoot.

Then the police show up...

After confirming that they have the correct permit to shoot the video, the police leave and Trinity returns to the set. Jon offers some encouraging words and reminds her that he has her back no matter what.

While at a NOH8 campaign photo shoot, Nikki tells Trinity and Eva Marie about John's suspicious behavior. Eva Marie shares a story about a guy she dated who did the same thing and ended up cheating on her, which only adds to Nikki's fears.

Trinity offers up some advice for her friend.

Tonight, Nattie has a match against Summer Rae. Backstage, Nattie warns Summer Rae to stay away from her face. She promises to do so, but we're not completely convinced...

While in the ring, Summer Rae delivers a knee...right to Nattie's face!

But the tables quickly turn and Nattie wins the match!

Despite her victory, Nattie breaks down because her nose has been reinjured and looks worse than before...

Nikki does not like the look of Nattie's nose.

John's weird behavior is at an all-time high: he went to the gym but wouldn't let Nikki come with him. As soon as he leaves, she calls sister Brie Bella and invites her to come along for a spy mission.

They drive around the parking lot at the gym and can't find John's car. When Nikki calls and asks where he is, John tells her that he's at the gym. Lies!

After hanging up the phone, Nikki breaks down in tears. She's reached the end of her rope...

Back at home, Nikki paces anxiously while waiting for John to get back. The minute he walks in, she accuses him of seeing someone else.

John calls her a hypocrite for not trusting him, then Nikki ends the conversation because she has to get ready to go show the condo that she's trying to sell.

While in the car with TJ, Nattie vents about her situation. He advises her to get the surgery now, but Nattie decides she's going to suck it up because the chance to fight in the Divas match is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Nikki is waiting for her client to arrive when the doorbell rings. She goes to answer the door but it's not her client—it's John!

John has a serious look on his face and says that he has to tell her something. Just when Nikki thinks that John is going to admit to seeing another woman, his response completely throws her off.

In a redeeming act of heroism, John reveals that he has been seeing another woman but that she's an escrow agent and he's been seeing her about buying the very condo that Nikki is trying to sell! Um, can we say movie moment?

Nikki is all-smiles when John announces that he wants to move to California to be closer to her. The two share a tender kiss and all is well in the world again!

Doesn't John's future home look amazing?!

It's the night of Nattie's big match and she's super nervous. She knows it's going to be tough, but she has to work through it and face off against her opponent in the ring.

Everything is going well until Nattie takes a strong hit to the face!

Nattie gives it her all but doesn't win the championship title. Despite her loss, she still feels great about herself and knows that she did the right thing.

Looks like there was a happy ending for everyone this week, but could there be trouble lurking ahead? We think so, especially if Summer Rae is involved!

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