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The Internet can do marvelous things. This GIF...is one of them?

Emma Watson Sofia Vergara GIF


You've surely seen it by now (it plagued the Internet today, making it impossible to go more than two or three clicks without it popping up) and you will see it again, both on your Twitter feed and every time you close your eyes from here until the end of your days.

But, and pardon our French, WTF is it?! And where did it come from?! And WHHHHHY?

The GIF popped up on imgur and went viral from there. It's from a video by YouTube user curveballbe (and it's the only video he or she has ever uploaded). That video is a digitally altered version of this equally bizarre video, by human mask-maker Kerry Johnson, showing a "realistic" silicone mask called the "Susan."

As for why this happened? That we cannot answer. We're being punished for something?

Oh, and you can buy a "Susan" of your own here. They're only $600. Seems like a bargain.

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