American Idol, Top 8

Michael Becker/FOX

Oh thank heaven; we're finally down to the top seven!

After weeks and weeks of waiting and wondering, the American Idol judges finally decided to use their once-a-season-Save to keep Sam Woolf in the competition. This week, the top eight Idol hopefuls took the stage, once again, in order to battle it out for a spot in the coveted top seven.

The season 13 singers eagerly waited for host Ryan Seacrest to reveal the bottom performers after this week's ode to the ‘80s. This week, the contestants with the lowest amount of America's votes were Mayala Watson and CJ Harris.

So who has ben eliminated from Idol without the option of the judges' save? Say goodbye to…

Mayala Watson!

Nooo! The crowd was shocked and silent after the elimination was revealed. After Mayala's tribute video played across the screen, the youngest-finalist in Idol's history, sang "I'm Changing" as her encore performance. Mayala's rendition was heartbreakingly beautiful and her words brought tears to judge Jennifer Lopez's eyes.

We're not going to say that we're happy with this elimination, but we highly doubt that the judges would be shedding any tears if CJ had received the boot. He's like an elimination magician!

Do you think Mayala deserved to be eliminated? Who do you think will be the next winner of American Idol? Sing your thoughts in the comments below!

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