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Parks and Recreation made us smile form ear-to-ear while Scandal once again ruined our weekly resolution to stop biting our nails. (Damn you, Shonda Rhimes—we just got a manicure!) Meanwhile Mila Kunis stopped by Two and a Half Men to keep her fiancé company, and Grey's Anatomy  initiated the beginning of the end of Sandra Oh's time on the series. All that and more in today's edition of OMG TV moments!

Parks and Recreation: We're going to try and stop jumping up and down from excitement long enough to write these words down: Leslie is pregnant! We repeat, Leslie Knope, the apple of our eye, and the best female character on TV, is going to have Ben's baby! So far the only person outside of Ben and Leslie who knows about the bun is Leslie's oven is Andy. (Leslie tried to tell Ben all episode, but he was off bonding with Ron in the woods—and by "bonding" we mean getting totally wasted, and it was amazing.) We absolutely cannot wait to watch everybody discover the news of their bundle of joy. And now Ann's baby and Leslie's baby can be best friend too! Our lives are pretty much complete. 

Community: We love it whenever Subway gets worked into a Community storyline and tonight's first installment of a two-part season finale certainly didn't disappoint. After all the hard work that our group did to save the school, the gang discovered that Greendale is being sold and turned into a sandwich making school for Subway. (Extra pickels, please!) Abed was looking at pictures on the wall in the Dean's office when he discovered one plaque that read: "The truth is behind this picture." Subtle. Abed looked behind the picture and found a scroll revealing that there is buried treasure somewhere in the school. If they can find the treasure, they may be able to save the school!

Suits: The USA drama ended its third season with a bang. By the end of the episode, Harvey revealed to Scottie that they're going to let her out of the non-compete. Harvey then blurted that Mike never went to law school, and that Jessica isn't the Darby in the firm. Mike then revealed that he called Jonathan Sidwell and took the investment-banking job. Harvey gave him permission to go, but because Sidwell is a client of Pearson Specter, Harvey technically works for Mike now. Hmmm… interesting!

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Scandal: Let's get to it, Gladiators! Mellie deserved all of the awards tonight when she drunkenly let it slip to Olivia that she has been hiding a soul-crushing secret for the past 15 years. Olivia, discreetly got Mellie the results of her paternity test, but as of now, Mellie is the only one who knows the truth as to who Jerry's father really is. Mama Pope raised hell (and gravely injured Papa Pope!) in tonight's episode when she tricked the group into believing that the bomb was at Defiance High School where Fitz was giving a campaign speech.

However, the bomb is secretly tucked away underneath a church where hundreds of D.C.'s most important politicians are attending a funeral. Jake called Cyrus to tell him the news of the bomb's whereabouts and to get everyone to safety, but the devious Chief of Staff had a better idea. Instead of delivering the news to everybody, Cyrus happily delayed the president from attending the funeral and did not make any efforts to stop Sally Langston from taking a seat in the front pew. In other OMG news, Huck and Quinn had sex in a parking garage and we cringed the entire time.

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Two and a Half Men: It's a Jackie and Kelso reunion! Mila Kunis guest starred on tonight's all-new episode of Two and a Half alongside her fiancé Ashton Kutcher. Mila played Vivian, a free-spirited traveler who showed up on Walden's doorstep and made him question whether he's really in love with his girlfriend, Kate. After spending an episode together that was packed with cheeky nods to That ‘70s Show, Walden realized that Kate is not the perfect girl for him—Vivian is. "Before I met you, I was very close to asking another woman to marry me. But then I didn't, because I couldn't stop thinking about you," Walden gushed. "We're soul mates." Swoon!

Grey's Anatomy: Oh baby! After Callie and Derek received a fancy-schmancy machine that measures human emotions, Callie decided to give it a whirl. To her surprise, Callie discovered that she is generally depressed, but the readings did a complete 180 when Meredith walked in with baby Bailey. Callie wants another baby! And you know what? Arizona does too! (Hoooraaaay!) 

Alex was still pondering his generous offer from "Dr. Butthole" and he called the ridiculously wealthy doctor to let him know that he is still very interested in joining his clinic. Please don't go, Alex. As for our brilliant surgeon, Cristina Yang? Pop the champagne because our hard-working gal has been nominated for a Harper Avery Award. After spending the majority of tonight's hour trying not to get overly excited, Cristina eventually shared a bottle of bubbly with Owen, who definitely thinks that she is going to win. Cristina quietly agreed saying, "Me too." (Us three!)

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