Emma Roberts, Flips the Bird


Perhaps not the warm and cheery pose they were hoping for, but we're sure the paparazzi are used to it.

Actress Emma Roberts joined in on the trend by doing what many celebs do when they'd rather not be photographed: She flipped the bird at the cameras while walking back to her car after a day of shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Roberts gave the shutterbugs the one-finger salute while keeping her face covered with her black handbag.

However, paps did catch a new dye job on the star's tresses. Emma's short blond locks seemed to have pink streaks added for some spring fun.

The celeb, who styled her bob with a braid on the side and wore a sheer white dress, made a very subtle change to her hair, with the pink locks not being very noticeable until the 23-year-old turned her head and gave a glimpse of the back of her head.

She's not the only starlet to get a cotton-candy hue in her hair. For what seems to be the third time in three years (once in 2012 and again in 2013), Lauren Conrad decided to give her blonde locks a different hue and opted to go pink! "A pink locks kind of day...," the fashionista wrote on Instagram with a photo of her newly dyed tresses.

'Tis the season to go pink!

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