Kate Hudson

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Here are two things we like: When Kate Hudson collaborates with Ann Taylor and when she gets super candid.

So, clearly we're really enjoying Kate's latest chat with Elle.com. The 34-year-old actress caught up with Elle.com at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, and dished on why she loves collaborating with Ann Taylor, her favorite little black dress and how she has some self-described hoarding tendencies.

Kate's latest line for Ann Taylor is called the "Kate Hudson LBD Collection," and while the actress clearly has plenty of LBDs in her closet, one has the most memories—a Miu Miu LBD she got when she was 16.

"It was the skimpiest thing maybe on the planet," Kate told Elle.com. "I remember wearing it downstairs one day and my mom looked at me and she was like, 'No. Absolutely not. No. Honey, I cannot let you wear that.'"

But even though Kate has had that LBD since she was 16, apparently it's not the oldest thing in her closet. She's actually hung on to a crop top that she's had since middle school. "I bought it in seventh grade for $10 and it's this little tiny crop top lacy thing," she revealed.

Kate admits she's not a full-blown hoarder, but she definitely likes to hold on to stuff. "Now, Hoarders is definitely a show that I watch and I make sure I'm not that," said Kate. "But there are things I have."

We love that Kate can cop to her pack rat tendencies, and we're obsessed with the fact that she's an avid Hoarders fan. Aren't we all?

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