The Vampire Diaries, Candice Accola, Paul Wesley

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It's a TV tale as old as time: the BF (or GF) and the BFF.

Though The Vampire Diaries originally started off being all about the love triangle between Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder), a new fan favorite pairing has emerged after five seasons: Stefan and Caroline (Candice Accola), Elena's BFF who has always been Team Stefan.

While the pair has shared a close friendship since the beginning of season two, their scenes in season five have been tinged with romantic chemistry, exciting the faction of fans who love "Steroline." (We admit to occasionally booking a trip or two on this 'ship.) But is a romance actually in the cards for Stefan and Caroline (a la Pacey and Joey on Dawson's Creek) or will they just stay friends? (We refuse to acknowledge the road Gossip Girl took with Dan and Blair as an option here.)

"I don't want to speculate about where they end up, but I do think what has happened is a very strong friendship has developed between them, that's been really special, and will continue to grow even more special," executive producer Julie Plec teases. "As for what each of them feels for the other, who knows? Right now, we're in the friend zone."

Executive producer Caroline Dries reveals to us that the writers talk about a potential romance between the pairing "all the time," explaining, "I think we never do anything on the show, I hope, that's just throwing two people together and being like, ‘OK, have sex!' That's not how we like to tell stories…so if we do it, I will say this, it will feel earned and organic. We will slowly play it, it's not just going to be this random thing that we waste and ruin it. We're very careful about that."

The Vampire Diaries, Candice Accola, Paul Wesley

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Paul Wesley admits he thought that the writers "would've done it by now. I really did. But it just doesn't seem to be coming into fruition."

However, he teases that he and Accola "did a really nice scene" recently, which he describes as "platonic, with hints of sexuality, or romance, but it still hasn't really come to fruition the way I thought it would."

And while Wesley says he would like to see a romance develop between Stefan and Caroline, he does have one issue: "It's funny to think of it that way just because Candice's fiancé [The Fray's Joe King] is a really good friend of mine," Wesley explains. "The idea of having to be romantic with Candice on the show is a little daunting, but as far as the characters are concerned, sure, you know?"

But how would Elena feel about her best friend and ex-boyfriend getting together?

"I think she would think it was a little strange. It's always odd when your friends think about…it's the friend code, girlfriend code, but I guess maybe not?" Nina Dobrev says. "She'll deal with that when it comes, but we haven't gotten there. I don't think she's ever noticed anything."

The Vampire Diaries airs tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW.

Do you want to see Stefan and Caroline get together? Or should they just stay friends? Sound off in the comments!

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