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The bonds formed on Step by Step run deep. Series star Patrick Duffy, he of Dallas and Man from Atlantis fame, did a Reddit AMA and no topics were off the table. One that came up more frequently than you'd expect: the ABC series Step by Step. Duffy starred opposite Suzanne Somers on the family sitcom from 1991-1998. Duffy played Frank Lambert a single dad of three who spontaneously marries Carol (Somers), a mom of three, creating a large blended family.

Duffy revealed he still talks to many former cast members, including Somers and Christine Lakin. Plus, has there been talk of a reunion?!

"I wrote a letter of introduction for Dana [Staci Keanan] to get into law school, and she has since graduated and gone on to be a lawyer in LA," he wrote. "Those are my 3 closest connections. I still get Father's Day cards and Christmas cards from my girls. I wanted to give Christine away at her wedding, but she chose her real father—I have no idea why."

Duffy also addressed perhaps one of the biggest mysteries from Step by Step's run: what happened to Brandon? The character, played by Josh Byrne, just disappeared one day, never to be heard from again.

"Oh, little Josh! It was one of those things that they do on television quite a bit," Duffy said, explaining how it happened on Happy Days. So on Step by Step, they ran out of plot concepts to involve the character, and somehow by ignoring the character, the character disappeared. "We never made mention of it, the show just sort of went on. We had enough kids, they probably couldn't keep track of them anyway."

Step by Step reruns currently air on The Hub, and like all now-classic ‘90s properties, there's chatter and desire for a reunion.

"We all were a very close and loving family off-camera, and if the idea and the script was correct, I'm sure (speaking for myself and Suzanne because we've discussed it) we would be more than happy to resurrect the Lambert family," Duffy said. But what about a reboot? "We as a cast get approached about the possibility," he said. "Suzanne and I would love the opportunity to work together again. If scripts and circumstances were appropriate, I'm sure something would happen."

Is a Step by Step reunion something you can get behind?

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