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One of Law & Order: SVU's most infamous villains returned on Wednesday night, which also saw the surprising return of a fan favorite guest star who shook things up at SVU. Plus, which of American Idol's Top 8 handled the '80s the best and who was sent home on Survivor: Cagayan? Warning, spoilers on Wednesday's shows ahead!

American Idol: Let's be honest, the '80s weren't a great look for anyone, including American Idol's Top 8 tonight as they tackled hits from the decade and no one wowed the judges or us. However, one standout performance included Sam Woolf, who proved he deserved the judges' save last week with his stripped down version of "Time After Time," (Just connect with the camera more, kiddo!), while Alex Preston continued his string of good performances with "Every Breath You Take." But the best take on an '80s classic had to go to Caleb Johnson's performance of "Faithfully," which showed off yet another side of the versatile rocker. (So...we are all thinking Caleb has this competition in the bag, right?)

And did anyone else think the night's other best performance belonged to both Alex and Sam when they teamed up for "The Girl Is Mine"? Two guys, two guitars, two happy ears!

The 100: And the deaths just keep on comin' on the CW's new hit drama. After the group is convinced Murphy killed Wells and are about to hang him (It was pretty gruesome), young Charlotte finally fessed up to the murder. But before the angry mob (spear-headed by Murphy) could punish the murderer, using Clarke as an incentive for her to turn herself in, Charlotte jumped off a cliff to her death. After the shocking development, Murphy is banished from the camp and Clarke turned to Finn for some comfort...just as Raven, his GF, was heading down to Earth from the Ark. Don't you hate it when that happens?!

Survivor: Cagayan: "I'm used to things being easier for me and not having to work that hard to get things." Of course, as soon as Morgan said this we predicted she would be ousted from the competition tonight. And guess what? She was!

And it looks like Spencer will be sticking around for a while, as he won the Immunity challenge this week and found himself the hidden immunity idol, which he did not use on one of his fellow castaways.

NEWS: Cobie Smulders returning to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Law & Order: SVU

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Law & Order: SVU: It's the last dance for Olivia Benson and William Lewis. In "Beast's Obsession," the saga of the Beast, William Lewis played by Pablo Schreiber, finally came to a close. After escaping from prison with the help of a juror from his trial, Lewis went on a murderous rampage across the city in an effort to get Benson's attention. Lewis murdered a mother, raped and tortured one of her daughters and kidnapped the other one. He claimed that if Benson revealed the truth—that she perjured herself during his trial, she lied about beating him while he was cuffed—the girl would be safe. Benson made the public admission and then took matters into her own hands and slipped her protective detail, directly disobeyed orders from the new acting SVU chief Lt. Declan Murphy (surprise returning guest star Donal Logue) and went after Lewis. She stole a black car and went to Lewis. He stripped her of her phone, gun and bullet-proof vest and took her to an abandoned factory where he was holding Amelia.



Lewis attempted to rape Benson, who had completely shut down. She wasn't fighting. She wasn't crying. She was numb and that didn't sit well with Lewis who decided rape wasn't fun anymore. Instead, he decided they two would have a final face-off with Russian roulette. The squad tracked Benson (she did steal a black car after all) just as the Russian roulette game came to an end. The bullet was in the barrel for Benson's turn, but instead Lewis grabbed her face, and forced her to watch as he shot himself in the head. The end.



What did you watch on Wednesday night? Sound off in the comments!

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