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Yesterday, Guyism.com (it's like Buzzfeed but for boobs) ran a piece of investigative journalism asking, "Who Is the Sexy Actress in the Sprint ‘Framily' Commercial?" The answer? "Her name is Judy Greer and she is a very interesting woman." 

This is all very interesting, in so much as who the f--k doesn't know who Judy Greer is?! She's been in every movie ever. Literally, she is in all the movies. We started talking in the office and realized that everyone has a different movie they think of when they hear Judy Greer's name. But what does your Judy Greer movie say about you? 

We say, "Judy Greer!" You say:

Judy Greer, 13 Going on 30

Movie: 13 Going on 30

Get to the Greer of It All: On her 13th birthday, Jenna Rink makes a wish to be 30, flirty and thriving. Her grown up self (Jennifer Garner) is best friends with Judy's character, Lucy, a mean girl who bullied her when she was a tween.

What It Says About You: This movie is the reason you know half of the choreography to the "Thriller" dance.




Judy Greer, 27 Dresses

Movie: 27 Dresses

Get to the Greer of It All: Katherine Heigl plays an uptight (of course uptight, this is a Katherine Heigl movie) always-the-bridesmaid-never-the-bride type. Judy plays her fun best friend, Casey.

What It Says About You: You're the type of person who calls rom-coms your "guilty pleasure." But you don't actually feel too guilty about it or you wouldn't bring it up so much...



Judy Greer, Archer

Movie: Archer (technically, a TV series)

Get to the Greer of It All: Judy plays Cheryl Tunt, a crazy, glue-sniffing receptionist who likes to be choked when she has sex. She works for a spy organization called ISIS. She is also an heiress.

What It Says About You: You are awesome, because Archer is awesome.




Judy Greer, Arrested Development

Movie: Arrested Development (technically, a TV series)

Get to the Greer of It All: Judy played George Bluth Sr.'s personal secretary and mistress (and Bluth family partner-in-crime turned Bluth family blackmailer). She has boobs, but keep your eyes up here.

What It Says About You: Option A: You will spend the better part of a decade complaining about the same thing to anyone who will listen. You didn't like the new season on Netflix very much. Option B: You are very susceptible to peer pressure (like binge-watching the entire series last year so you could seem cool to your friends). 

Judy Greer, Carrie

Movie: Carrie (the remake)

Get to the Greer of It All: You know the story: Girl gets bullied, girl has telekinetic powers and kills everyone. Judy plays Miss Desjardin, a compassionate gym teacher who defends Carrie.

What It Says About You: You were born after 1990.




Judy Greer, The Descendants

Movie: The Descendants

Get to the Greer of It All: George Clooney plays a lawyer whose comatose wife was having an affair with a guy named Brian. George Clooney tracks Brian down and Judy plays Brian's wife, Julie.

What It Says About You: You exclusively watch movies that either have been or probably will be nominated for Oscars. You won't admit that The Artist was boring.



Judy Greer, Elizabethtown

Movie: Elizabethtown

Get to the Greer of It All: Orlando Bloom plays a suicidal shoe designer. Judy plays his sister, Heather, who calls to tell him that their dad died and he needs to come home for the funeral.

What It Says About You: You had a crush on Orlando Bloom in the early to mid-2000s. You are very excited that he is single again.



Judy Greer, How I Met Your Mother

Movie: How I Met Your Mother

Get to the Greer of It All: Ted goes on a date with a woman named Royce (that's Judy), who he thinks has no "baggage." He finds out she has been left at the altar three times, has a gambling addiction and shares a bed with her brother.

What It Says About You: You're in denial. You will suffer through three (or four, depending on who you ask) not great seasons of a show, because you fell in love with it in its glory days. Or you're a masochist.

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Judy Greer, Love and Other Drugs

Movie: Love & Other Drugs

Get to the Greer of It All: Judy plays a receptionist at a doctor's office who is momentarily wooed by Jake Gyllenhaal's pharmaceutical rep, before he ditches her for Anne Hathaway.

What It Says About You: You will sit through anything to see Jake Gyllenhaal naked.




Judy Greer, Two and a Half Men

Movie: Two and a Half Men

Get to the Greer of It All: When Ashton Kutcher joined the show, he played an Internet billionaire going through a divorce with a woman named Bridget Schmidt (that's Judy!)

What It Says About You: You'll laugh at anything if it has a laugh track.




Judy Greer, The Village

Movie: The Village

Get to the Greer of It All: Judy plays Kitty Walker, a 19th century woman (BUT NOT REALLY! SPOILER) who desperately wants to get married. Her little sister is the protagonist of the film.

What It Says About You: You're the type of person who complains that most movies are "sooooooooo predictable." Alternatively, you have never watched a movie on DVD.



Judy Greer, The Wedding Planner

Movie: The Wedding Planner

Get to the Greer of It All: This is Judy's bread and butter: The best friend of a rom-com leading lady. In this one, she plays Penny, a fellow wedding planner and BFF who helps Jennifer Lopez land her man (Matthew McConaughey).

What It Says About You: Your favorite movie is Monster-in-Law and you still think that Jennifer Lopez was robbed when she wasn't nominated for an Oscar for Enough.



Judy Greer, What Women Want

Movie: What Women Want

Get to the Greer of It All: The movie is about a chauvinistic pig (Mel Gibson), who can suddenly hear what women are thinking. Judy plays a file clerk who is contemplating suicide. In the end, he saves her, proving he is a changed man.

What It Says About You: You have cable. Specifically, TBS.

Bonus Fun Judy Greer Fact: Judy has played two different characters named Kitty (Kitty Sanchez on Arrested Development and Kitty Walker in The Village), and also guest starred on an episode of House that was called "Here Kitty." That's a lot of Kittys, Judy!

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