Giuliana and Bill Rancic Talk Baby Duke and the Future of Giuliana & Bill—Watch Now!

Plus, what does baby Duke think of all the cameras?

By Bruna Nessif Apr 10, 2014 1:04 AMTags
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After opening their homes and personal lives to the public for seven seasons, Giuliana and Bill Rancic continue to smash reality TV ratings after having their most successful premiere of Giuliana & Bill to-date.

But the greatest part? They're able to create a fan-favorite show that they're proud of.

"At the end of this season we would've done 85 episodes of the Giuliana and Bill show and there isn't one episode that we're ashamed of. There isn't any flipping tables or drunken fights or pulling out women's hair weaves like some of these other shows," Bill told E! News.

Giuliana quipped, "Although, I will say, there's always the season finale. Or there's always the series finale. You know, we've been so clean-cut and unscandalous for seven seasons, maybe in the series finale, when we end the show one day, we go all out—balls to the wall. We do it all. We like flip tables over, we curse people out, pull a weave out…"


"You get your medical marijuana card," Bill interjects. "I cheat on you," G joked, as the duo continued to poke fun at reality TV. "That's a little rough," Bill responded, to which his loving wife said, "That's reality shows, honey!...We make love naked on camera in the shower. Some of those shows do that. "

But when it comes to actually deciding when to call it quits on the cameras, Giuliana tells us she would like to continue doing the show "forever."

Meanwhile, her handsome hubby explained, "We'll evaluate at the end of the season and see what happens and see where we're at with Duke and growing our family and we'll make the decision when the time comes."

"We'll keep doing the reality show as long as we still have interesting stuff happening in our lives," Giuliana said, "and I feel like right now we are busier than ever and there's so much going on and there's a lot coming up. So as long as we can entertain people and people can tune in and they're not just like, 'Oh my God, this is worse than watching paint dry.' "

Bill concluded, "As Donald Trump once told me, 'Nobody quits television. Television quits the person.' "

Watch the clip to hear more from their interview and to find out what Duke thinks about all the cameras!

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