Watch an Elderly Grandma Ride Her First Roller Coaster in This Heartwarming Video!

Check out the really cute clip

By Brett Malec Apr 09, 2014 10:51 PMTags

Now this is just the kind of heartwarming video everyone can use!

In a new YouTube video titled "Nan on a roller coaster," an elderly grandmother named Ria rides a high-speed roller coaster for the very first time and loves it.

"Here we go," a smiling Ria says from her seat as the coaster takes off. Through the thrilling ride, the woman lets out screams of happiness and lots of laughter while holding on tight.

"Is my hair still OK?" she cracks after the exciting ride.

"Twists and turns. Screams of laughter. For 70-year-old Ria, it's about the thrill of the ride," reads the caption accompanying the adorable video. Too cute!

Watch the video for yourself!