Save the Date


There's humble bragging that you have a big budget for your wedding, and then there is this.

Betrothed San Francisco couple Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz (both lawyers) have released a save the date video that is so insanely over the top that for a minute we weren't sure what we were watching. Are they saying they're getting married? On a spy mission? In a music video?

Well, they are certainly doing…something. Bambo & Janice (which sounds like a new series coming to Cartoon Network next fall) obviously didn't have any time for the usual save the date cards or magnets. Why send something people will stick on their fridge when you can film something that will confuse people?

All joking aside (but just for a little bit), the "trailer" is impressive and definitely memorable. They definitely Michael Bay'd it, meaning the storyline doesn't really matter as long as there are pretty things to look at. And there are: fancy cars, beautiful women gyrating in a dark club, helicopters taking off and don't you dare forget about that slow-motion walking!

You can watch Bambo and Janice announce their union below, a union they promise will "rival the epic display of elegance and class that is the upcoming Kimye wedding."

Gauntlet thrown. Your move, Kim and Kanye. Bambo and Janice had a Jay Z song playing in their video, so maybe you get Jay Z himself to rap in yours.

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