Gymnastics isn't only exciting during the Olympics (where it's clearly the best sport to watch and anywho who says otherwise is wrong and a liar). You just have to try a little harder to watch gymnastics during the intermittent four years.

But you won't have to try too hard (or at all) to find videos of Lloimincia Hall, a Louisiana State University junior who is absolutely dominating the world of gymnastics, scoring her fourth perfect 10 routine at the NCAA Regionals over the weekend and helping advance LSU to the Semifinals on April 18.

The Internet's equivalent of a perfect 10 is making something go viral: Which this dope video of Hall's third flawless (literally) floor routine did. Those moves! That swagger! Those thighs! We are in envy of all of them.

The routine is from a meet against Alabama in January, which LSU ended up winning, 197.650-196.825.Obviously. You can also watch Lloimincia's first perfect 10 performance, from a meet last year, here:

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