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Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Elsewhere, Trophy Wife paid tribute to ScandalGlee dealt with some violent bullying, Anna Gunn dropped by the Mindy Project, and Justified sent season five off with a whole bunch of bangs. Spoilers are ahead not only for Tuesday night TV, but also for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. You have been warned!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Who else spent the last ten seconds of "Turn Turn Turn" shouting "WHAT?!" into the ether? Is there any way that could have been more action-packed from start to finish? First it seemed like May was a traitor, but her only crime was not revealing that she knew the truth about Coulson all along. She had been using an encrypted line to report directly to Director Fury, who had asked her to keep an eye on Coulson. It was also revealed that May wrote the guidelines for Coulson's team, so he'd be surrounded by people who could act as a failsafe if something were to go wrong after his resurrection.

Second, there was the discovery that not only is the terrorist organization HYDRA still around, but they've taken over S.H.I.E.L.D. by going after all high-ranking agents. As far as Coulson and May are concerned, Nick Fury was killed in the takeover and S.H.I.E.L.D. is no more.

Then, there was the question of the Clairvoyant. It was clear that the man Ward shot last week was just a decoy, and for a while, Coulson believed it was Agent Victoria Hand. However, after a slightly terrifying test of loyalty, she revealed to Simmons and Agent Barbour that she is very much still a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, bent on destroying HYDRA. Eventually, Coulson figured out that the real Clairvoyant is Agent Garrett, and managed to capture him after a fight.

However, the Clairvoyant wasn't even the biggest twist of the night! Victoria and Ward went off to accompany Garrett to prison, and when offered the chance to shoot the real murderer, Ward instead shot both the guards, and then Victoria, revealing himself to be a HYDRA agent, and also a big jerk. Way to go ruin everything right after the cute girl kissed you, Ward. How dare you!

The Mindy Project, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina

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The Mindy Project: And speaking of how dare you, our favorite couple has broken up and we basically could not be more upset about it. After a sitcom staple episode full of secret-dating while pretending to secret-date someone else, Danny broke it off with Mindy in an attempt to keep their friendship and working relationship intact. It was a beautiful speech in which Danny admitted that Mindy was his best and only friend, but it broke our hearts, and was made no better by Danny's actions in the second episode of the night.

Peter's sister was in town, and Danny made some frustrating eyes at her that were only made less horrible by the fact that the episode also featured a lot of Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn, playing a rival gynecologist to the rich and STD-afflicted stars who was after Mindy. Mindy was quick to say yes to a cushy new job, but took it back when she discovered that none of her former patients could use their insurance, and later that all Anna Gunn really wanted in a new doctor was a beautiful Indian woman. She was momentarily out of a job when her former coworkers refused to take her back, but of course, they changed their minds when Mindy was the only one who could get any patients to join them on their mobile breast exam bus. 

Justified, Jacob Pitts

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Justified: A lot of things came to a head in tonight's season five finale, in which Raylan was still trying to chase down Art's attempted murderer. It became pretty clear that he did not believe Kendal was responsible. He enlisted Wendy to get Daryl to confess, but the confession got violent. When Daryl accused Wendy of being a terrible "deadbeat mom," she pulled out a gun, shooting him first in the crotch and then in the neck, leaving him to bleed to death on the floor with Raylan standing over him, betting that this is not the way he would have preferred to go.

Boyd's dealings with Alberto ended in a shootout that got Alberto and his gang arrested, and left the marshals determined to finally convict Boyd of his crimes as well. Then, after an episode spent brawling in the prison yard with Gretchen and her crew, Ava was released from prison and into Boyd's bullet-hole-ridden country home. However, as was revealed by a meeting with Raylan on the bridge, it turns out that she was released only in exchange for acting as an informant. Boyd's going down, big time. 

Glee: The move to New York took somewhat of a tragic turn tonight as Kurt took a beating when he tried to defend someone from being harassed for being gay. He stood up to the bullies, but was beaten and left behind as the bullies drove off in a truck. Kurt ended up in the hospital with a hairline fracture and some cuts and bruises, leading his friends to put on some beautiful performances and put some of the events of their own lives into perspective: Rachel chose to drop out of NYADA to focus on her Broadway career, and Sam and Mercedes decided to move forward with their relationship, regardless of the opinions of Mercedes' friends. Plus, we got to see Best Dad Ever, Burt Hummel, when he came to New York to comfort his son, and Kurt seems to be back to his old, but better, self. 

The Voice: Moving onto the Top 12 for Team Blake Shelton after the first playoff round? Sisaundra Lewis, Jake Worthington and Audra McLaughlin, with Madilyn Paige and Ryan Whyte Maloney being sent home.

Trophy Wife After Diane broke a rib while having her life saved by Kate, she was banished to the couch, with only Kate's care package full of jam and Scandal seasons to keep her company. This also put Kate in charge of handling the PTA, which went bad after her insulting impressions were turned into squash-related blackmail by the PTA secretary, prompting Diane, Kate, Diane's housekeeper, and Diane's housekeeper's husband to go full Olivia Pope and Associates to keep the squash squashed and the minutes from ever seeing the light of day. The episode was complete with cool coats, wine, and shutter sound transitions, and was a pretty solid way to pass the time until the next actual episode of Scandal.

What did you watch on Tuesday night? Sound off in the comments!

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