Dakota Johnson Has Her Hands Full While Running Errands in Los Angeles

Actress was spotted juggling a number of items while out in the sunny Southern California

By Bruna Nessif Apr 08, 2014 11:18 PMTags
Dakota JohnsonAKM-GSI

Since filming Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson is no stranger to having her hands full...if you know what we mean. (Sorry, had to!)

Today, however, the actress was seen juggling a number of items while running errands in Los Angeles, from her phone, wallet and keys to coffee and snacks; for whatever reason, Johnson wasn't carrying a purse although she may have thought later that would have been a good idea. (Hey, we've all been there.)

Regardless, the star looked 50 shades of cute as she tightly held on to all of her belongings while rocking a casual and comfy look.

Dakota, who has been seducing fans on numerous magazine covers lately, toned down her ultra-sultry look for the outing, wearing a white sweater, tie-dye slacks and '80s-inspired white loafers with tassles. Hey, it might sound strange, but she can make it work.

Her Cymbeline co-star John Leguizamo recently told E! News that the 24-year-old actress remains grounded, even after she won the role of Anastasia Steele in the movie adaptation of the best selling NSFW novel.

"Here we're doing the movie and she's just Dakota Johnson and the next week it was announced in the trades that she's in Fifty Shades of Grey and all of a sudden we're bombarded," Leguizamo told us at the SXSW premiere of his new comedy, Chef. "But she still remained the same girl even though we had to protect her from the massive amounts of crazy."

"Her life changed like that," he said while snapping his fingers.

Fans can experience her sexy portrayal on the big screen Feb. 14, 2015.