This is the local news fail to end all local news fails. We've seen reporters flub their lines. We've even seen reporters fall. But we have never seen something as magical as this: A Dutch reporter trying to casually interview the mayor and falling overboard, only to have said mayor try to fish her out of the water using a giant necklace as some sort of life saver.

You know exactly what's going to happen in the video but it's still...

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This is the local news fail to end all local news fails...if it's real.

But it's probably not. People are quick to assume every viral video is a fake these days (thanks, Jimmy Kimmel), but this video has more going against it than just a few YouTube commenters calling BS.

According to Gawker

The interviewer, Martje Oesterholt, is a tourism marketing consultant working on promotion for Sail Kampen, the city of Kampen's huge Easter music festival. Sure, she could have slipped into the water—through that conveniently open gate—at the best possible moment in a promotional video, but post-Kimmel cynicism says it's unlikely.

Plus, even when she's splashing around in the river, Martie never stops staring at the camera, like she's on an episode of The Office. What a weird world we live in that fake viral videos are now a legitimate way to promote an event. And what a weird viral video this is to promote an Easter music festival.

Oh well, we laughed.

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