Paul Rudd, Billy Eichner

Would you have sex with Paul Rudd?

In a hilarious new Billy on the Street video clip posted on Funny or Die, host Billy Eichner and Rudd ask complete strangers that very question!

"Paul and I are going to run around and find out which New Yorkers would like to have sex with a charming and absolutely adorable Paul Rudd," Eichner says. "Are you ready Paul?"

The two then headed to find out just how many fans would sleep with the actor for $1. The first woman they ask replies, "Of course I would!"

Another says, "I would for nothing!"

When they ask a middle-aged man, he first answers, "No, because he's a man," before adding, "OK, he's cute."

At another point, Rudd gets denied by an older woman. "You should have never done Dinner for Schmucks, I told you that," Eichner yells.

"I think that is what's affecting this poll," Rudd replies. LOL!

Watch the comedic clip for yourself.

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