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Halfway there, kids!

Is it just us or is time taking its sweet, well, time moving along this week? To help you get over the midway blues (totally a thing), we're dishing out scoop on your favorite shows in today's Spoiler Chat.

On tap? Spoilers on a fan-favorite Vampire Diaries pairing, Law & Order: SVU's shocking showdown in tonight's episode and The Blacklist's upcoming game-changer of an episode. Plus, Chicago Fire is heating up (Get it?!) leading up to its finale, while The Mindy Project is heading to an iconic (and romantic) NYC landmark.

So what are you waiting for? Indulge in some juicy scoop now...

Dylan: Can't wait for Under the Dome to come back! Any scoop on season two?
Three major Chester's Mill players will find themselves in jail by episode four. The charges? Murder and attempted murder.

Chloe: Any TVD goodies to share?!
We're hearing Stelena fans will not want to miss Thursday night's episode, even if there's a slight twist to all the Stefan and Elena goodness. But is there hope for a legitimate reunion between the duo? "Those two are like perpetually a pendulum that swings. There's really no algorithm," Paul Wesley says. "I don't think anything that happens is permanent, so the answer to that question is that I'm sure they'll work it out in the end." (Psst…check back with us tomorrow for scoop on Stefan and Caroline!)

Meghan: Desperate for some answers on The Blacklist, which is the best show on TV right now, in my opinion!
You want answers? Don't miss episode 20 then, which is titled "Berlin." And while the episode features a whole lot of Tom (and an awesome moment with his glasses), you can expect to see a small, but significant moment between Liz and Ressler.

Michelle: I'm already on the edge of my seat for Pablo Schreiber's return to Law & Order: SVU. What do you have to quell my nerves?
You're in for a thrill ride, that's for sure. The episode will leave you breathless. There's a surprising return—our lips are sealed as to who it is (but it's not Stabler, sorry)—and there will be resolution...sort of. "This is really it. It's their final dance. And the last minute is maybe the most shocking minute we've had on SVU," exec producer Warren Leight told us. And there's still no word on a 16th season. Leight wanted to make sure to say thanks. "I really do enjoy the Twitter feedback and I think it's an interesting relationship," he said of the #RenewSVU movement on Twitter. "I appreciate their support in this slightly stressful time."

The Mindy Project

Jordin Althaus/FOX

clrmyr: Can you confirm that at least one (or both?!) of Mindy's trips to the Empire State Building in the finale includes Danny?
Do you really want to know? Do you? OK, fine…yes, we can confirm that at least one of her trips to one of the most romantic spots in the world includes Danny in The Mindy Project's season finale.  Feel free to squeal at any time!

Reagan: Chicago Fire is on fire this season (I intended that cheesy pun)! I need spoilers on what's ahead ASAP!
Before the end of the season, you can expect to see a wedding, a proposal and one of our beloved characters receiving life-changing news from their doctor. So yeah, you better prepare yourselves now because this all happens leading up to the finale.

Beth S.: King Henry is crazy on Reign right now, and I love it! But will Diane return to help keep him in line soon?
Alas, his No. 1 mistress isn't returning to French Court anytime soon, even if her only son was just married in a quickie ceremony. "She hasn't been back to be honest, she's still in exile I suppose, hiding out," Torrance Coombs dishes. "Hopefully we'll see her back at some point, but nobody tells me anything, so maybe there's already plans for that, but not at this point!"

Frank: Craving some H5-0 info. Please help!
Small, but tasty tease to hold you over: Expect a surprising return in the finale.

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