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Honestly, it's better than the people who got tattoos of Charlie Sheen's many catchphrases during his downward spiral in 2011. #Losing

Tyler Austin Black, a 22-year-old University of Kentucky super fan, was so sure of his team's March Madness chances that almost a month before last night's final game between Kentucky and the University of Connecticut, he went and got a tattoo declaring his Wildcats as the winner.

The tattoo of the UK logo reads "2014 Nati9nal Champions," with the "9" signifying that had Kentucky won, this would have been their ninth national title. 

But they didn't win. They lost to UConn 54 to 60. Whoops. So what's Black doing with the tattoo now?

Despite the fact that it's now very incorrect, Black told that he's not getting it removed. 

"I'm keeping it," Black said. "It's a way to remember this team and it's part of my life story."

It is pretty impressive that when he got the tattoo on March 13, Kentucky wasn't even in the top 25 teams in the tournament. After unveiling the ink, Black was ridiculed, with some haters telling him he should chop his leg off, which seems pretty dramatic to us. But when Kentucky started burning their way through the NCAA tournament, people changed their tune and started calling him the "ink prophet."

Unfortunately Tyler fell one game short of truly becoming that prophet. But at least he has an interesting conversation starter with the ladies. And hey, if he picks up someone who doesn't follow basketball, he can just lie and say that he predicted the outcome with a tattoo. Chicks dig prophets.

And it sounds like Tyler and his buds weren't overwhelmed with grief after the loss, based on this tweet from his friend:

Real question: What does "getting turnt" mean?

Congrats to UConn on their big win, and big ups to Tyler for being the definition of a true fan.

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