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It's that time again! Yep, Coachella is almost here. If you're headed to polo fields in Indio this weekend or next, we've got you covered. Our Guest Editor Harley Viera Newton knows everything there is to know about the music festival, and she's got the scoop on the party scene, where to score the best grub and more. Read on for Harley's go-to tips for taking on Coachella:

1. Wifi? What Wifi?: Wifi and cell service is terrible because every single person there is trying to find their friend or Instagram a Ferris wheel photo. Know this going in and make your plans before you get close to the fields. I always pick a meeting spot with my friends in case we get separated—do not rely on your phone!

2. Power Up: Bring a Mophie charger or an on-the-go battery pack for your phone—it's always good to have a backup.

3. Map It Out: Once you're there it's very hot...the walk to and from stages can get tiring and I always lose my Coachella leaflet explaining where everything is. To avoid this, map out all the bands you really want to see in advance and make a tentative schedule, that way you wont miss out on anything. Try and prioritize as there is a lot to see, and often, great bands overlap.

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3. Fast Food: There's no need to wait in line for hours for food—there are several sneaky food carts that are less centrally placed and not as hectic. Look around the edges of the fields and you're bound to save some time. I usually snack on tacos or pizza because you can take them with you!

4. Water, Water and More Water: Boring Mum advice but stay hydrated! Water! Especially if you're drinking alcohol.

5. Plan Ahead: Make sure you know how you are getting home from the festival. Nothing worse than the sun going down and not having an exit plan!

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6. Cool Celebrations: All the parties are usually pretty far away from the grounds and far apart from each other, best to pick one and stick with it. 

7. Party Animals: If you have time over the weekend, try and visit the Palm Springs Living Desert Zoo—it's amazing!

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