Kate Moss


We tend to toss around the term supermodel a lot these days, but Kate Moss is one of those women who really, truly deserves that title.

But even this 40-year-old model-designer-badass has body insecurities—so much so, in fact, that she vows to never wear a certain type of clothing highlighting her single self-perceived flaw. So just what the heck could be wrong with Ms. Moss?!

"I've got bow legs," she tells the U.K.'s Sunday Times, as excerpted by Glamour U.K. And because her runway-walking stems bend outwards a bit even when she stands straight up (which hasn't seemed to cause any problems in the past), the Brit admits she'll "never do mid-calf" when it comes to clothing or shoes.

Other than that? "No rules apart from heels," the mom of one says. She also admits her 12-year-old daughter isn't always a fan of the leggy looks mum wants to pull off. "I cut up loads. I always want everything shorter, shorter, shorter," she says. "Lila had to stop me the other day, cutting a dress up. 'Mummy don't cut it. It looks really nice like that.'"

Luckily for the rest of us, we, too, can look dress like Kate soon. The fashion icon's encore Topshop collection launches later this month and will be sold exclusively at Topshop's Oxford Circus store in London, and on Topshop.com and Net-a-Porter.com.

Bet you bow-legged beauties will love her line, too!

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