Shameless, Emmy Rossum

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Tonight was an A+ night of great TV and our heads are spinning from all the awesomeness. Shameless gifted viewers with a jaw-dropping surprise after their season four finale, while Once Upon a Time shocked fans with an answer-packed hour. Plus, catch up on all the biggest moments from House of Lies, Veep and more!

House of Lies: It's the season three finale of the Showtime hit series! The good news? Marty finally admitted to Jeannie that he loves her. (Swoon!) The bad news? Everything is going to hell at Kaan and Associates and Marty is in the middle of a seriously sticky situation. (Crap!) Remember back when Jeannie contacted her friend at the Department of Justice to look into Dollahyde? Well it turns out that her friend dug a little deeper and discovered some incriminating evidence of insider trading against Marty when he was helping Jeannie out with her Colossal Foods account earlier this season. Now it looks like Marty will be indicted, Jeannie looks like she set him up for the fall, and the future of Kaan and Associates is up in the air. 

Shameless: After Fiona's whirlwind of a season, she found herself back in jail and realizing that she has majorly effed up, yet again. Luckily, our Gallagher girl was released early due to overcrowding and her parole officer snagged her a job at a diner. (FYI: Fiona's new boss was played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and we're insanely jealous.) No one, not even Mickey, could get Ian out of bed, and we realized that he could be suffering from bipolar disorder just like his mom, Monica. Frank's liver transplant was a huge success and he celebrated his new life by drinking. Of course he did—it's Frank.

And now for the HUGE twist: After the closing credits, patient fans witnessed a man called "Jack" pull up to the Gallagher household. So who was he?  It was… (drumroll please!) … Jimmy/Steve! Can you believe it? He's alive! To make matters even more thrilling, star, Emmy Rossum, didn't even know that major plot-twist. The actress tweeted Sunday night, "HOLLLLLLY MOLY NO IDEA. HE'S ALIVE. JUST FOUND OUT WITH YOU. PPL CALLING ME. SO MAD DIDN'T SEE LIVE. #JIMMYSTEVE @Justingchatwin #SHAMELESS"

Once Upon a Time, Rebecca Mader

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Once Upon a Time: Everyone should know the phrase, "green with envy," so it should come as no shock that this is exactly the reason as to why our wicked Zelena has green skin. When Zelena was younger she went to visit the Wizard (whom we later discovered is Walsh!) and he broke the news to her that her mother, Cora, abandoned her and then gave birth to Regina to obtain a royal status. Through these visions, Zelena became increasingly more jealous as she watched Rumple teaching Regina magic. So she tapped her sliver slippers together and sought guidance from The Dark One, too. However, when Rumple discovered that Zelena's quest for vengeance was greater than her thirst for knowledge, he refused to continue teaching her.

Meanwhile, in present-day Storybrooke, Zelena challenged Regina to a witch-off in the town square. Although Regina realized that her powers are no match against the Wicked Witch of the West, she managed to outsmart Zelena by keeping her heart out of her body and off in a very safe place: in Robin Hood's hands. Aww! By the end of the episode we finally discovered Zelena's maniacal plan. She plans to perform a complicated and dangerous spell to turn back time and prevent Regina from ever being born. Yikes! This takes sibling rivalry to a whole other level… 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep


Veep: Our favorite USA leading-lady is back and Selina is ready to charge through these next 18 months as Veep in order to achieve her goals as the next President of these United States. ("I'm staring down the barrel of 18 months of this shit," she said. "[It's] an entire pregnancy with another entire pregnancy tacked on to the end of it.") So what's going on with our veeples? Mike got married, Dan is already lusting after to title of campaign director of Selina's presidential campaign and Jonah was fired from the White House! He had been writing an anonymous blog called West Wing Man and he very stupidly blew his cover to Dan. And of course, Dan told everyone.

RevengeRemember Mason? He is the know-it-all reporter that Emily promised the exclusive rights to her Revenge book in exchange for his silence. Well Victoria caught wind of all the secrets that Mason has been keeping behind bars and she was ready to bribe her way into learning all of them. However, just as it looked like Mason was going to break his deal with Emily and tell Victoria everything, our sneaky man dropped dead in his cell! Here's the twist: It was all a deceitful Emily-devised plan. We ended the episode by seeing Nolan handing Mason a new passport and keys to his new island bungalow. Sorry, Victoria, looks like your canary won't be singing those secrets anytime soon!

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