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Not a lot of people can say they've been inside Lady Gaga's digs, but MTV's Sway Calloway was lucky enough to have that experience.

Calloway was given an exclusive look at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City, one of the many places the pop icon calls home (which she rents, because she's not ready to own just yet), and when E! News asked the MTV reporter what Mother Monster's pad was like, he summed it up by saying, "That s--t is amazing!"

He added, "We [the network] weren't intending to film inside, but she was so hospitable," saying Gaga "was open arms. Just really nice. She said, ‘Come in! Welcome to my home.'"

And while Gaga oozes art from her pores, the same seems to be the case when it comes to her interior decorating. "Her apartment is almost like looking like a painting that's like an optical illusion and you never see the same thing twice but you spend all day looking at it. It's such a conversation piece," Sway tells us.

Lady Gaga, Sway, MTV


"It's like you're entering a world with a lot of dimensions. It's really kind of immaculate and nicely done."

The NYC apartment, which was previously owned by Liza Minnelli, was accentuated with paintings from Tony Bennett and a beautiful coffee table and china set from none other than Donatella Versace. But the best part for Lady Gaga was the balcony that overlooked the park.

"She said she likes to watch people, watch the park, flowers bloom," Sway says, adding that the singer still finds it surreal to see how far she's come. And along with enjoying the luxurious views and lavish decor, Sway was able to have a tea party with the star, before getting a glimpse of the celeb's fashion quarters.

"I didn't wanna overextend my liberties, then she suggested, ‘Wanna come up to my room where I keep a lot of my clothes?'," Calloway shares, and says he saw "a rack full of dresses that I'm sure any woman on this planet would give their right arm for."

Lady Gaga

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The 28-year-old also showed Sway some of the special gifts given to her by fans, telling the MTV reporter, "Yeah they're not just fans, they're people that are a part of my life. They inspire me."

On the experience, Calloway tells us, "It's the reason we do what we do. It's not the headline or the clicks or the views. When you really love music culture and you've been immersed in it—I don't care if you're an artist, journalist, promoter or deejay or whatever you do—if you're really about it, these are those kinda moments that remind you why you're in it, and that makes you want to create more of those moments to keep music and integrity strong.

"I really feel like she's at a great place. She's focused. She's really focused. And man, that girl works hard."

Sway's behind-the-scenes tour of Lady Gaga's apartment and more can be seen throughout the entire day on MTV, MTV Hits and Logo TV.

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