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Today is Beyoncé and Jay-Z's sixth wedding anniversary. That's six years of '03 Bonnie and Clyde partying on yachts, #serfborting and singing (or rapping) about each other. To celebrate the big six, here is everything they have ever sang (or rapped) about each other.

Jay mentions multiple times he doesn't like you staring at Bey's boobs. So be aware of that.

JAY Z, Beyoncé

Jay on Bey: "All of my dates been blind dates/ But today, I got my thoroughest girl with me/ I'm mashing the gas, she's grabbing the wheel, it's trippy how hard She rides with me." ("'03 Bonnie & Clyde")

Jay on Bey: "Everybody's like, ‘He's no item! Please don't like him. He don't wife 'em, he one nights 'em!' Now she don't like him, she never met him/ Groupies try to take advantage of him, he won't let 'em/ He don't need 'em, so he treats 'em like he treats 'em, Better them than me, she don't agree with him/ She's mad at that, he's not havin that, So those opposites attract like mag-a-nets." ("'Excuse Me")

Bey on Jay: "When I talk to my friends so quietly/ 'Who he think he is?' look at what you did to me/ Tennis shoes, don't even need to buy a new dress/ You ain't there, ain't nobody else to impress." ("Crazy in Love")

Bey on Jay: "I was in love with a Sagittarius, he blew my mind/ He also had a flip side too much like a Gemini/ He was freaky like a Taurus, the way he handled me yeah, Flirtatious like an Aries." ("Signs," FYI Jay is a Sag.)

Bey on Jay: "I need a thug that'll have my back/ Do-rag, Nike Airs to match, ain't nothin' wrong with that/ That's how I like it, baby, where my thugs at? White T-Shirt, I love that, Timberland boots, you does that, it's a fact/ That's how I like it, baby" ("That's How You Like It")

Jay on Bey: "I know you've heard I'm a gangst / They say 'Stay away from them gangstas'/ They never change up, or pull they pants up/ Well, baby girl, put ya foot down/ Don't let' em push you around, you know what you like/ Baby thug, you know wrong from right. Most of all, they like my honesty, integrity, my loyalty/ Young Hova and the letter B, how you like that, huh?" ("That's How You Like It")

JAY Z, Beyoncé

Jay on Bey: "I don't think it's meant to be, B/ But she loves her work more than she does me/ And honestly, at 23, I would probably love my work more than I did she/ So, we, ain't we, it's me and her/ 'Cause what she prefers over me, is work/ And that's where we differ, so I have to give her free time, even if it hurts." ("Lost One")

Jay on Bey: "So I have to allow she, her, time to serve, the time's now for her/ In time she'll mature and maybe we can be we again like we were/ Finally, my time's too short to share/ And to ask her now, it ain't fair/ So yeah, she lost one." ("Lost One")

Jay on Bey: "I used to bag girls like Birkin Bags/ Now I bag B."

Bey on Jay: "Boy, you hurtin' that." ("Déjà Vu")

Jay on Bey: "Ya chick shop at the mall, my chick burnin' down Bergdorf's/ Comin' back with Birkin bags, ya chick is like, 'What type of purse is that?'" ("30 Something")

Jay on Bey (and Gwyneth Paltrow!): "When your friends is Chris and Gwyneth/ When your girl is more famous then you then is/ Time to get all your windows tinted, keep your eyes squinted." ("Hollywood") 

Bey on Jay: "When you're in them big meetings for the mills, thats a good look/ It take me just to compliment the deal, thats a good look/ Anything you cop I'll split the bill, that's a good look." ("Upgrade U") 

Jay on Bey: "It's big balling, baby, when I'm courting you/ I'm talking spy bags and fly pads and rooms at the Bloomberg/ And rumors you on the verge of a new merge/ 'Cause that rock on ya finger is like a tumor/ You can't put ya hand in ya new purse/ It's humorous to me they watching/ We just yachting off the island hopping off." ("Upgrade U") 

Be on Jay: "I neglect you when I'm working, when I need attention I tend to nag/ I'm a host of imperfection, and you see past all that/ I'm a peasant by some standards, but in your eyes I'm a queen/ You see potential in all my flaws, and that's exactly what I mean." ("Flaws and All")

JAY Z, Beyoncé

Jay on Bey; "Shorty like Pepsi, me I'm the coke man/ Body like a Coke bottle, I crush it like a Coke can/ Started at the window, end up at the wall/ The Yin to my Yang, I skeet skeet off." ("Venus vs. Mars," unconfirmed about Beyoncé, but she does have a Pepsi endorsement...)

Jay on Bey: "I be the boss of that, I'm on her s--t/ So all you n----s fall back, I'll split ya wig/ She's my little quarterback, ya dig?/ 'Cause I'm all that in the sack; yeah, ya dig? [...] I spoiled her, foiled it if you fakin' jax/ She's used to million dollar vacations, f--k y'all gon' do with that?" ("Party Life")

Jay on Bey: "How can somethin' so gangsta be so pretty in pictures/ Ripped jeans and a blazer and some Louboutin slippers/ Uh, Picasso was alive he woulda made her/ That's right, n---a, Mona Lisa can't fade her." ("That's My Bitch")

Jay on Bey: "Back to my Beyoncés, You deserve three stacks, word to André / Call Larry Gagosian, you belong in museums/ You belong in vintage clothes crushing the whole building/ You belong with niggas who used to be known for dope dealing/ You too dope for any of those civilians/ Now shoo children/ Stop looking at her tits/ Get ya own dog, ya heard?/ That's my bitch." ("That's My Bitch")

Jay on Bey: "Bey Bey my Yoko Ono, Rih Rih complete the family / Imagine how that's goin look front row at the Grammys." ("Illest Motherf--ker")

Jay on Bey: "F--k wrong with these dudes? Try to walk around in these shoes/ See the shit I saw growing up/ Then maybe you could take a peek at Bey's boobs." ("H.A.M.")

Jay on Bey: "You don't yet know what swag is/ But you was made in Paris/ And Mama woke up the next day and shot her album package/ Last time the miscarriage was so tragic/ We was afraid you'd disappear/ But nah, baby, you magic (voilà)." ("Glory")

JAY Z, Beyoncé

Jay on Bey: "I wanna Rothko, no I wanna brothel/ No, I want a wife that f--k me like a prostitute/ Let's make love on a million, in a dirty hotel / With the fan on the ceiling/ All for the love of drug dealing." ("Picasso Baby")

Jay on Bey: "Sleeping every night next to Mona Lisa/ The modern day version, with better features." ("Picasso Baby")

Jay on Bey: "Boy meets girl, girl perfect woman." ("Part II (On the Run)")

Jay on Bey: "I'm an outlaw, got an outlaw chick/ Bumping 2Pac, on my outlaw s--t/ Matching tats, this ink don't come off/ Even if rings come off." ("Part II (On the Run)")

Jay on Bey: "My past ain't pretty, my lady is, my Mercedes is/ My baby momma harder than a lot of you n----s/ Keep it 100, hit the lottery n----s" ("Part II (On the Run)")

Jay on Bey: "She was a good girl, 'til she knew me." ("Part II (On the Run)")

Jay on Bey: "Deeper then words, beyond right/ Die for your love, beyond life/ Sweet as a Jesus piece, beyond ice/ Blind me baby with your neon lights/ Ray Bans on, police in sight/ Oh, what a beautiful death/ Let's both wear white/ If you go to heaven and they bring me to hell/ Just sneak out and meet me, bring a box of L's/ She fell in love with the bad guy, the bad guy/ What you doing with them rap guys, them rap guys/ They ain't see potential in me girl, but you see it/ If it's me and you against the world, then so be it." ("Part II (On the Run)")

Jay on Bey: "Girl why you never ready/ For as long as you took you better look like Halle Berry/ Or Beyoncéeeeee/ S--t then we getting married!" ("Beach Is Better")

Jay on Bey: "Slight change of winds/ It's barely 12 noon and my wife changed again." ("Jay-Z Blue")

Jay on Bey: "N----s wanna kidnap wifey/ Good luck with that, bruh/ You must gonna hide your whole family/ What you think we wearing black for?" ("La Familia") 

JAY Z, Beyoncé

Bey on Jay: "Can't keep your eyes off my fatty, daddy, I want you/ Drunk in love, I want you." ("Drunk in Love") 

Bey on Jay: "Boy, I'm drinking, get my brain right, Armand de Brignac, gangster wife/ Louis sheets, he sweat it out like washrags, he wear it up/ Boy, I'm drinking, I'm singing on the mic to my boy's toys, then I fill the tub up halfway then ride it with my surfbort." ("Drunk in Love")

Jay on Bey: "Talking 'bout you the baddest bitch thus far/ Talking 'bout you be repping that Third, I wanna see all that s--t that I heard/ Know I sling Clint Eastwood, hope you can handle this curve, uh." ("Drunk in Love")

Bey on Jay: "Your love feels like all four seasons growing inside me/ Life has a reason, swimming in my love, your love lifting/ Higher, harder, got me screaming to the Lord, boy." ("Rocket")

Bey on Jay: "Been having conversations about breakups and separations/ I'm not feeling like myself since the baby/ Are we gonna even make it? Oooh/ 'Cause if we are, we're taking this a little too far." ("Mine")

Bey on Jay: "On my mind up past my bedtime, no rest at the kingdom/ Alone in my place, my heart is away/ all that I can think of is, we should get married, we should get married/ Let's stop holding back on this and let's get carried away." ("Mine")

Mazel tov!

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