MODEL BEHAVIOR: Naomi Campbell arrested earlier this month after causing a ruckus outside the home of an old boyfriend, Britain's Sun reported Friday. To be fair, she was probably just trying to get in to rough up his maid.

SAY WHAT?! "She's a beaming baby. She looks like Tom and Katie, she's just beautiful."
--Leah Remini, telling People magazine of her personal encounter with baby Suri. L. Ron would be pleased.

PAY DAY: Charlie Sheen seeking to up his Two and a Half Men paycheck to $1 million per episode, the Los Angeles Times reports. It may have earned him an Emmy nomination, but c'mon--it's no Friends.

SHOCKING, REALLY: Pete Doherty canceling a Babyshambles concert scheduled for Wednesday in Ibiza and returning to drug rehab, the tour promoter said Friday. This sudden display of common sense has us baffled.

KEEP AWAY: Colin Farrell seeking a restraining order against Dessarae Bradford, the woman who rushed the stage during his Tonight Show appearance Thursday. "My first stalker," Farrell told Jay Leno. We're guessing she won't be the last.

ON THE MEND: Haley Joel Osment released from the hospital on Friday after flipping his car and fracturing a rib and hurting his shoulder early Thursday. How quickly they grow up...

NETWORK MATERIAL: NBC broadcasting Madonna's Confessions Tour Live in a two-hour special in November, marking the singer's first-ever broadcast network performance and meaning that all those who didn't score tickets for the sold-out tour will still have a chance to watch the Material Girl in action.

CALLED OUT: Steely Dan posting an open letter to Luke Wilson on the band's official Website, demanding that he order his brother "Owen C." to attend the band's Irvine, California concert and apologize for not crediting the rockers' song "Cousin Dupree" with inspiring his movie, You, Me and Dupree.

GOOD JEANS: Liz Hurley named the new face of Jordache Jeans, the company announced Friday. The face and the butt.

TOO HOT DOWN UNDER: Nissan pulling a car commercial starring Kim Cattrall off the air in New Zealand after the Advertising Standards Complaints Board received objections to the ad, which contained sexual innuendo such as "Why didn't you tell me it was so big, I just wasn't prepared for it?" Apparently, Sex and the City has even gotten old in that part of the hemisphere.

FOUND: JJ Abrams telling TV Guide that Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) will return in season three of Lost. "Desmond will definitely be back. He's not dead," Abrams said. The fact that Cusick was the only actor on the show to receive an Emmy nomination this year couldn't have hurt his chances.

GASSY WOMAN: Who needs Broadway? Julia Roberts becoming a spokeswoman for alternative fuel maker Earth Biofuels, the company announced Thursday.

FANBOY OVERLOAD: Rosario Dawson appearing at Comic-Con Thursday to discuss her involvement with creating the new comic book series The Occult Crimes Taskforce. We're sure that got some geek hearts racing.

GETTING HITCHED: Fred Durst announcing his engagement to Krista Salvatore, a 21-year-old Rhode Island native who he met over Memorial Day Weekend, according to a post on his MySpace account. We give it until Labor Day.

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