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In honor of our Alpha Male Madness tournament (you can still vote for your favorites, right now!) we're focusing on our favorite men of the small screen.

In today edition of Spoiler Chat, read on for exclusive scoop on Joffrey's wicked ways on Game of Thrones, a look ahead at Mad Men's all-new season, and a big screen update straight from the set of Entourage. Plus, spoiler from The Originals, Castle, Trophy Wife and much more!

Trisha: I never see any 2 Broke Girls spoilers from you guys. Can I have some?
You know how Max always makes jokes out of the fact that she never finished high school? Well it turns out, this is one mistake that she's ready to correct. In the season three finale of the CBS comedy, Max will return to her old H.S. stomping grounds to face the history teacher that prevented her from getting her diploma all those years ago. 

Lauren M.: I seriously adore Trophy Wife! I can't get enough. Got anything about this week's episode?
Well if you also love ABC's other smash hit, Scandal, then you'll be over the moon watching this week's episode of Trophy Wife. When Kate gets Diane hooked on Olivia Pope and the adrenaline-pumping series of Scandal, there's no one who can stop Diane's "It's handled," attitude. Bonus Scoop: Did you know that Kate can do a jaw-droppingly impressive impression of Diane? It's eerie. 

OGLoverrr: The Originals is the only thing that gets me through me week. Scoop me, Kristin!
Double, double, toil and trouble! The witchy goodness is only going to keep getting better and better in New Orleans. We'll soon be reunited with Cassie, one of the girl sacrificed in the Harvest ceremony, and one of the most ruthless young witches we've ever seen. Better watch out Klaus, this one does not seem to share Davina's naiveté—she's dangerous. 

Mad Men Exclusive

Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Tyler: I know you've already seen the new Mad Men. Give up the goods!
You caught us, and all we'll say is that Peggy is in for an emotionally rough ride. Seriously, by the end of the episode you'll want to hug Peggy and never let her go. (We would've told you more but we've been sworn to secrecy by the powers that be at SC&P!) Looking ahead, we'll be meeting a new lady in the Mad Men universe and she's described as an attractive, sexually charged and powerful woman. Watch out for Pima Ryan, because she'll be a force to be reckoned with. 

Eric M.: The Game of Thrones premiere was so epic! What can we expect next week?
Only one of the show's biggest and best outings yet…with Joffrey managing to out-Joffrey himself, which we didn't even know was possible. We don't want to spoil anything, but a couple of teases we are willing to part with? Jaime Lannister and Bronn, two of our favorites, share a scene that we couldn't stop smiling during, and Tyrion will most likely make you cry by the episode's end.

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ABC/Richard Cartwright

Dianna: I need some Caskett scoop from Castle pretty please.
In an upcoming episode, "For Better of Worse," our couple is going to take one step closer to tying the knot. We're not saying that there is going to be a bachelor party, but we are saying that there is going to be a stripper named Sapphire in attendance. Trust us, she's a gem. 

Marcia: Please tell me that I'm not the only one who loves Devious Maids? It helps fill the Desperate Housewives hole in my heart. Got something for this summer's season?
Hey, no judgment! We all have our guilty pleasure shows and Devious Maids is definitely helps keeps the drama of Wistera Lane alive. Get ready to meet Molly, she's an aspiring writer in her mid-thirties who has previously assisted some of the richest and most famous celebs in the industry. The only problem? She loves to gossip about her employers. So when she starts working for one of our Beverly Hills residents (we're not saying who!) all hell breaks loose when we catch her spreading secrets. 

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Will K.: You guys should write about the Entourage Movie.
We don't want to spill all of the big screen secrets, but believe us when we tell you that fans of the HBO hit series will not be disappointed. This movie literally has everything: sex, drama, intrigue, comedy, etc. We will spill that Drama will share a scene with a nurse, and although we don't want to ruin the surprise, we will say that this is shaping up to be our favorite moment of the movie. 

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