For a minute there, it looked like the Tonight Show was turning into an episode of This Is Your Life. Or COPS.

During the taping of Jay Leno's show Thursday, Colin Farrell's segment was disrupted when an audience member jumped up on stage and approached the star.

Local media identified the woman as Dessarae Bradford, a former sex-line operator who unsuccessfully sued Farrell for $5,000 last April, claiming the Miami Vice star was stalking her via phone calls and text messages.

Apparently, she decided to turn the tables.

Bradford entered the NBC studios as part of the Tonight Show audience and walked on stage in the middle of Farrell's interview. Audience members seemed to think the intrusion was part of a skit, until Bradford approached and started speaking to Farrell.

"She said something to Colin Farrell that no one heard, then he took her by the elbow, led her off stage, asked the cameramen to turn off their cameras and asked for security," Molly Mattaini, an audience member, told the Associated Press.

The 30-year-old actor reportedly led Bradford straight to NBC's awaiting security guards, but not before, according to Access Hollywood, she left a copy of Colin Farrell: A Dark Twisted Puppy, a self-published book detailing her alleged encounters with the Irish actor, on Leno's desk.

Upon being escorted off stage, Bradford shouted to Farrell, "I'll see you in court."

Farrell's retort: "You're insane."

And to think, it's normally just Leno's monologue that makes the audience this uncomfortable.

Bradford was quickly detained by a Burbank police officer, though per NBC's request, was not arrested. She was, however, warned by security that if she returned to the NBC studios, she would be arrested for trespassing.

Following the incident, it was show business as usual for Leno and Farrell, who reportedly apologized to the audience for the disruption.

"He sat back down and said, 'My first stalker,' and Jay Leno said, 'Welcome to celebrity,' " Mattaini told the AP.

None of the altercation aired on Thursday night's Tonight Show; cameras were shut off for the majority of the unexpected guest's appearance, and Bradford's approach to the stage was edited out completely.

Just a few hours later, Farrell showed up at the Hollywood premiere of Miami Vice.

When asked by Access Hollywood's Billy Bush about the incident, Farrell said, "I don't know. I don't know."

Last December, Bradford sued Farrell, claiming he stalked her, confiding his thoughts on fellow A-listers and leaving Bradford feeling "degraded" and suffering from "mental anguish."

A Santa Monica judge tossed out the lawsuit after Farrell's lawyer argued that the actor had never even met Bradford, who has made similar claims against Alec Baldwin.

Miami Vice opens in theaters July 28.

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