Sometimes things—say for example, smoking a "joint"—that happen onscreen aren't necessarily what they seem.

Don Cheadle stopped by Chelsea Lately on Thursday and right off the bat he was asked to clear the air about a certain episode from his hit show House of Lies.

"We were doing a scene, we were supposed to be walking down the street in L.A. and we were supposed to be getting someone high so that we could mess with his head and try to steal some business from him," the 49-year-old actor told Chelsea Handler. "So, we had these fake cigarettes that the prop department had rolled and someone had a real situation," he said, without disclosing who this certain someone was.

He continued: "And they said, ‘what if this was introduced in to the scene at some point.' So everyone was asked if that would be fine with them, including Kristen Bell."

But Cheadle's co-star didn't buy that it was really marijuana.

"She was asked and she said, ‘yeah sure.' And she was told, 'no,  this is actually real,' and she was like, ‘yeah, okay, fine sure,'" the Oscar nominee explained.

Watch the clip above to see Bell's reaction at the end of the scene, and to hear about Don and Chelsea's interesting connection!

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