Shortly after Snooki announced that she's pregnant and expecting her second child with fiancé Jionni Lavalle, the former Jersey Shore star opened up about her baby news in a lengthy blog post Friday.

"Unfortunately, like my first pregnancy, I decided to tell a select few people that we were expecting before the 3rd month mark, and it got leaked to certain media outlets," the 26-year-old reality star wrote. "Again, it has happened with my second. I just want to say HOW THRILLED we are on expecting our second child and we couldn't be any happier. But what sucks is how it's never our business to tell anymore. It's always certain media that decide to tell our wonderful news BEFORE we are ready."

Snooki acknowledged that while they "are on a reality show and share 98% of our lives" with fans, this was news they'd prefer to announce themselves. "It's not that we want to keep it a secret, but we want to share our business at the right time. We want to make sure our testing is good and when we feel, as parents, is right to say we are expecting, that's when we do so!" she said. "Be sure that when I'm expecting my third child, I will not tell a soul for the privacy and protection of my family."

The pint-sized pregnant reality star also took aim at a few tabloid stories, writing, "Headlines reading that I'm hiding my pregnancy because I don't want to jeopardize 'appearances' is so far from the truth. Who pulls this s--t out of their ass anyway? Just because I'm pregnant means I can't work? Fail."

Snooki added that she's "read a lot of negativity concerning my second pregnancy" and stressed the need to protect her family from the online cruelty. "With announcing this pregnancy, I'm STILL getting hate for 'reproducing' and being a mother. For example, I saw an article that posted by Nancy Stiles about my 2nd pregnancy labeling the title 'Snooki Expecting Second Child. God Help Us.' Really Complex? With all the trouble in this world you're asking God to help us because I'm expanding my family and happen to be an amazing mother to my children? Keep the 2012 jokes to yourself."

Because her BFF and co-star JWoww is expecting her first child, some accused Snooki of being "selfish" and trying to take the "shine away" from the first-time mother-to-be. "Are you out of your minds? If you knew Jenni & I personally, you would know we always wanted to be pregnant together," Snooki said. "I love Jenni like my big sister, she is everything to me, not fame. I would never try to 'outshine' her and like real women, we support each other and always want the best for each other, not beat each other down to see who can be more 'famous.' We have a true friendship that I will cherish forever, and getting pregnant just to outshine my best friend is absolutely absurd and disgusting."

Engaged since the spring of 2012, Snooki slammed those who criticized her for delaying her wedding.

"I've also seen how upset people are getting at the fact that Jionni and I aren't married yet. I'm so glad you are all concerned about our life, but we are doing fine I assure you," the fired up Snooki & JWoww star wrote. "We planned to have a second child before our wedding, and will indeed still be getting married in the fall of 2014. We are a committed family that will raise our children to be the best they can be and give them the best life we can give them. So please, enough with the rude marriage comments. We are getting there, just waiting for the right time. He is my best friend and trust me, we will be together until death do us part. (And even in the afterlife I will be stalking his ass)."

Snooki added that she and LaValle "are VERY happy together," despite what's been written about their relationship. "We are very secure in our relationship and I know and trust my man, he wouldn't hurt me or our family. He's a real man," she wrote. "So we will pray for you and hope one day you can find happiness. The wedding is still on as scheduled and it will take the apocalypse to change that."

After she silenced her haters, Snooki thanked her fans for their congratulatory messages. "No matter how annoying it is to have our 2nd baby announced without our consent and when the time is appropriate, we could not be happier!" the expectant star concluded. "Big things are happening this year with the wedding, moving into our dream house and having our second bambino or bambina!"

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