Kendall Jenner's "Epic" Cornrows? Marie Claire Sorry for "Poorly Worded" Tweet

"We didn't mean to offend or imply that cornrows were new," the magazine tweeted after outraged comments called them out for ignoring an entire cultural tradition

By Natalie Finn Apr 04, 2014 1:11 AMTags

In case there was any doubt, the folks at Marie Claire now know that it's simply impossible to please everybody. Really, all that's left is to hope that each opinion doesn't outrage too many people.

The fashion-and-lifestyle magazine rushed to clarify after ending up under a heap of scorn for its appreciation of cornrows recently sported by Kendall Jenner.

"Kendall Jenner takes bold braids to an epic new level," wrote whoever was in charge of Marie Claire's Twitter account yesterday morning, posting the comment with a pic of the 18-year-old that sister Kim Kardashian had shared on her blog.

"It's fun to experiment with new hair looks! Kendall and I are both trying out cornrows! What do you think… would you guys wear this look?" Kim inquired, also posting a pic of herself with a few braids.

Well, the twitterverse was not kind to Marie Claire's take on Kendall's hairdo, immediately slamming the mag for a comment that seemed to neglect the fact that cornrows have been around for a long time. (A quick scan of the Internet turns up that the style may date back as far as 3000 B.C.)

"Wow, not new at all," tweeted @ohitsbarbara. To which @Dani_Knope replied, @ohitsbarbara white people invented cornrows in 2014, y'all. @marieclaire, we melanin-abundant call that "I can't leave the house yet."

And there were dozens more that questioned the use of the words "bold," "epic" and "new."

So eventually Marie Claire tweeted, "We didn't mean to offend or imply that cornrows were new. Our tweet was poorly worded." Also: "We thought her hair looked great and recognize women have been styling their hair like this for ages."

Kendall, meanwhile, has been way above the fray, literally.

She spent all of yesterday flying back to Los Angeles from Thailand along with sisters Kylie, Khloé and Kim, niece North and her parents, Kris and Bruce Jenner.

In keeping with the way-above theme, coincidentally, Kendall posted a video earlier today of herself getting ready to go ziplining above some lush-looking jungle.

"Oh my god!" she's giggling and shrieking in excitement and fear at the same time.