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Scandal dropped a bombshell on us this week (No we're seriously talking about a bomb!) while Grey's Anatomy foreshadowed on doctor's possible departure from Gray Sloane Memorial. Plus, read on for the line of the night, Parks and Rec's hilarious new insult and more!

Scandal: Hurt and frustrated from the reveal of Mellie's affair, Fitz ordered Olivia to rectify the situation by presenting Andrew with an ultimatum: Become the Vice President of the United Sates or keep "screwing" Mellie Grant. In the end, Andrew chose his career over love and Mellie was beyond pissed. In fact, she slapped her husband so hard, we could practically feel the sting on Fitz's face.  

In B613 news, OPA successfully hacked their way into the system and shut down command. (Yay!) However, this couldn't have happened at a worse possible time. (Nooo!) Now, Olivia's Mother is running around Washing DC with the holy grail of bombs and she plans on using this weapon on President Fitz. Oh and Olivia had steamy sex with Jake! Sure it was just to steal his B613 information, but still it was H-O-T!

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Although our time down the rabbit hole has come to a close, tonight's series finale of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland was a truly memorable hour. From heart-pounding action, to sad goodbyes, and swoon-worthy endings, we're here to catch up on everything you may have missed. Click here!

The Late Show with David Letterman: In case you missed it, David Letterman revealed his upcoming retirement on tonight's all-new episode of the Late Show. To find out when Letterman's last show will be, watch his announcement here

Grey's Anatomy, Sarah Drew, Jesse Williams

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Grey's Anatomy: We hate to break it to you, but Karev could be leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital! Jo discovered that Alex is way in over his head with student loan debt, and is years away from being able to pay them off. So when Arizona introduced Alex to her friend Oliver (or as Alex called him, Dr. Butthole,) he soon realized that switching to Oliver's clinic could be the most lucrative choice. Meanwhile, Jo discovered that she has a knack for orthopedics, Meredith delivered Derek's very important speech when her hubby passed out from the flu, and Cristina is still on track to potentially will the Harper Avery Award.

American Idol: Tonight the judges finally used their powers to save one contestant from elimination. To find out received a second chance to become the next American Idol check out our recap!

The Big Bang Theory

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Line of the Night: A big thank you to The Big Bang Theory's Bernadette for making us laugh with this card inscription. She thought that she was signing a "Happy Retirement!" card, but in reality wrote this in a "Get Well Soon!" card to a co-worker in the hospital: "Hey Viviane, you deserve this. And at least with you gone, no one will steal my yogurt out of the fridge. LOL :) P.S. Good Luck wherever you wind up."

Gif of the Night:

some text

It was another classic Leslie vs. Ron showdown on tonight's episode of Parks and Recreation. Cheers to Leslie for gifting us with this incredible new insult. 

What did you watch on Wednesday night? Sound off in the comments!

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